or our purpose

In every woman there is a Goddess. A VENUS.
You are also a Goddess, a Woman gifted with exceptional physical and moral qualities. Discover and Manifest them!
ACT! We support you in what YOU aim to realize.

To be happy. It is possible.
To be beautiful inside and on the outside. It is possible.
To love and to be loved. It is possible.
To have a couple relationships that inspires you. It is possible.
To find interior and exterior equilibrium. It is possible.
To harmoniously manifest femininity. It is possible.
To transform your life and to transform the Universe around you. It is possible.


or what we do

We challenge you to self discovery and to discover and manifest the Goddess inside of you!
VENUS – The Association for elevating the Woman COMMITS TO TURN INTO REALITY the myth of the goddess of beauty and love, protector of vegetation and fertility.
In every woman, disregard of the culture, religion, age, education, profession, shape of body, color of the skin, there is a huge potential that can be valorized. We are responsible, whether we want it or not, for our own being, family, children, community, the future of this world. How many of us do realize this?
Becoming aware of the need of knowing and accepting the body and the inner being, overcoming the fears and inhibitions, identifying the qualities we possess and assimilating the ones we miss, as well as manifesting harmoniously our femininity are just some of the elements of our mission.


or what guides us in our actions

The Principle of the Power of the example
All the conditions of life, as well as the fact that we were born women made us question why is it like that? They made us want to find out how and what we can improve in ourselves and how we can take advantage of what we have in order to become what we want to be: Goddesses. We desire to be exactly the Transformation we would like to find in the World.
The principle of giving
The woman, potentially or actively, has the qualities of a mother. The woman gave birth to heroes and heroines, to kinds, to universes. Thus, the woman gives- it is an inborn quality that we cultivate, because only in this way we can determine transformations in the other beings and also in ourselves. The transformation is a process and not an event.


or what we cherish and use in our activity

Love is the fundamental energy that sustains and transforms everything. Through love we live our lives in peace and harmony, through love we evolve, through love we accomplish ourselves.

Knowing means the capacity of understanding, perceive, obtain and transform the information we own into something useful. To know ourselves as women means to have the chance to develop in all aspects of the being, to valorize the potentialities of our being to a maximum and to enjoy our own femininity.

Trust and courage
These are the binders for succeeding, disregard of the big or small obstacles, real or unreal- built by our own constraints.
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