„Where love is great, there are always miracles”
Willa Cather

The couple relationship is like a pair dance. Sometimes sensual and intoxicating, other times amusing or passionate, often hot and incandescent, this dance enchants our souls and offers interior support, a solid base for everything we do in life. We look for love, communion, respect, appreciation and fulfillment. There are rules and unwritten recipes that help us find what we look in twosomes.


 To read in twosome  For Her  For Him

To read in twosome

For Her

For Him

Just like YIN and YANG, the man and the woman are different but complementary, facets of the same coin. Two complex universes that meet somewhere in the middle, attracted by...

There are many things you already know about how to really be a woman. There are many things that you will discover together with us. To be a woman is an art to be carefully learned...

If the woman comes from Venus, the man comes from Mars. The man is the axis, the conscience, the direction. He is active, dynamic and vertical. Only when he discovers his inner strength ...