This is how the alive days begin

this is how alive days beginI approached stealthily by the bank where we have to meet. I want to see them before they know I am around. I do not speak. They smile discreetly, emanating the tranquility of those truly happy. She hid her fingers in his expressive and powerful hands. Dorin is a sculptor, he has 29 years.
I get by and we wait a few minutes together in silence. "We are not too talkative," says Laura. She is very beautiful. Not thanks to makeup or loose dress. Radiates femininity in a special way, she contains it. She has 25 years, is a secretary.
"I'm fascinated how Dorin was looking at me. I felt like no man ever made me feel. Filled with a special charm that spread silently from his eyes to me. They were like fine orgasms that I filled me from the feet to the crown, just looking into his eyes. "
He relates me further: "I have read about female archetypes and I was simply applying. I seek to discover in it those universal realities, to go beyond form and mind. I have learned a lot then about transfiguration. For me the transfiguration is like relationship’s breath, we live through it. We both began to understand that, in the moment we really wanted to be together. "


It is a magic
What is actually the transfiguration? A more tolerant approach of imperfections or simply valuing the other, starting from his qualities? Transfiguration is not an exercise, a technique, a recipe. It means going beyond the "face" of appearances, of immediate exteriority. We often observe its effects: radiant faces, beauty that flows in and through us, delight, joy. But the magic that it determines is reserved for those truly perseverent.
"Transfiguration, Dorin says to me slightly affectionate, it's like a circle. Runs from me and return to me. Then when I transfigure is as if I beat up a road. Is somehow the way back, to the essence. I start heading towards something outside and I get very deep inside of  me. So many mysteries, beauties, different states  related to that I transfigurate that becomes known to me and that become familiar. "
Transfiguration can occur spontaneously when we see a wonderful landscape, a creature that fascinates us, when we listen to music. Anything can awaken us.


It is a destination
"I learned to transfigure and transfigure myself, but I can not say I have come to an end. It can not be an end when you transfigure loving. It's just an affectionate continuity that is nuanced every day. From time to time I understand that I’ve entered another room of my beloved’s soul. And his soul becomes bigger and bigger. I often feel that we trancende beyond our boundaries and his presence becomes fascinating, even though he's crafting something with his stones and I cook dinner. I know then I choose by myself to think like this about him.
Another time, before, I might have chosen to get upset that he is making dust from the sculptures, or that he spends too much time in his studio or that ... sometimes he is so quiet. I chose instead to see his demiurgic creative force. I choose to think of him as the Magician, the Genius, the Hero, the Friend, the Lover ... And there are obvious results. He feels and comes to me, each time more affectionate. "
Transfiguration can and should be voluntary, consciously performed. It's like choosing your destination. Do not go randomly on the road of relationship. Laura says the transfiguration has become for her a lucid act, which no longer depends only on the outside. "A process that comes from my choice of using my free will. I constantly want to look at the splendid substrate of the most banal fact of life, of the most ordinary gesture that Dorin makes. He laughs sometimes when we play and I guess his moods, thoughts and tells me that this power to feel is due  to my excess of transfiguration ... "


It is a solution
Dorin believes their story reached the right direction. No longer believes as once, that's enough to sign the register of attendance in the relationship. He tells me convinced: "A couple is not just the sum of two people. Another being appears as a common soul of the relationship which they maintain alive. Can you let him go on living as an orphan. It will be a soul of a tormented relationship, frustrating, which will soon be cloyed both. And as every man wants his heart to be happy, fulfilled, I understood along with Laura that we should care for the soul of our relationship, above us taken separately or together. "
Relations souls are born and die.  They are silent beings that are arranging our daily dialogue with the infinity. It is up to us to keep them alive or to send them away through boredom, quarrels or indifference. It should not surprise us that so many of us live in Siberia. For so long! And we should recognize that it is the time to repatriate.
Laura describes the first steps the soul of their relationship made. At one point appeared tensiones, different views, different options.
She was scared. She thought that no longer loves her and maybe they should separate. She was jealous and selfish, he was careless and too often irritated. She is watching him smile: "One morning we had a long discussion in contradictory. The arbiter had taking out all red cards, tired of whistling and penalizing us. We were crying in despite that we fail to pass the exams. He left a week to clear, so did I.
Then he came beaming, like old times, and he told me that he had discovered, he understood. That day I had the feeling that I met the soul of our relationship that we take and we receive. I began to feel it as if it were a separate being, but very intimately present inside each one. Somehow it lives with and in us. We think of it increasingly often. I began to love him. We were beginning to love each other. "
Dorin recalls: "We made it when we both started to transfigure this common soul, to give it what was better in ourselves. I saw that all the facts filled with love, beautiful feelings, wonderful thoughts spill over Laura into a more intense way than before. I understood then that the purpose of our relationship is that transfiguring us, we get to wake up in the other wonderful qualities. And so began the alive days, as  Laura says ... "
Without transfiguration and love, the relationships are simple charities. Only through transfiguration we can acquire sacred status. It is our every day bread. We could say once: "transfiguration of all days", "the daily ecstasy". You think I’m talking about the future? Yes. But the future begins today.


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