Lucid dream exercise in a couple


lucid dream exercicein a coupleIt's morning. Again. The clock is ringing. Again. We kiss. We would still stay between the warm and soft bed sheets...There is no way. We jump out of bed. We get dressed. We eat something fast. We go to work. Together.
In the subway the same faces every day, still asleep and slightly preoccupied. And yet, lately it seams different. Our friends, Mihai and Otilia, are all smiles. They are together since tree year and since a month they seem like they flourish. We cannot stand it. They have to tell us what is happening.


Am I sleeping now or am I awake?
“Well, Mihai starts, it's not exactly a secret. We were very tired, we had every day really full and we were not actually finding time for each other. Jobs, daily chores – we were having our hands full let alone having time for each other. And then we thought to meet during our dreams.
First of all we had to learn to remember them. It seems that we found an efficient method. We were reading it in a book...Since a while we are often asking ourselves during the day “Am I awake now or am I sleeping?” The mind acquires a habit and starts to ask itself the same question also during the sleep. This exercise, together with the fact that we sleep in the fetus posture, taking turns in spooning each other, helps us to remember much easier our dreams. We keep separate journals in which we note what we dreamed immediately after we are waking up. And then, we are telling them to each other.
“It's beautiful, says Otilia, because I learned a lot about Mihai. And he learned about me. I have the impression that now we are truly discovering our souls. We passed the stage where we were acting like psychoanalysts and we were just thinking of how to interpret the other one's dreams. It wasn't good for us. We stopped and we just started savoring each others dreams.


Let's set the meeting place
“Now, when he's telling me, I close my eyes and it's like I'm there with him. And what is making us more happy is that, sometimes, we have the same dreams, we go in the same places, we meet the same people”
Mihai intervenes: “In the last days we made an experiment. We are thinking together, in the evening, where we would like to meet in our dream. The first time we planed to be on the seashore, where we met. We met and it was an amazing night. We both remembered it so it was clear that it was a lucid dream encounter. After that, we set also other places. She wanted on another planet, on a island filled with flowers. And we succeeded to see each other also there.”
Since the dream encounters started Mihai and Otilia have many ideas. “We perfumed our bed sheets with all kinds of very pleasant essences. We created a paradise in the bedroom and I think that this made it easy to visit together parallel universes. It's like a psychic protection. We used rose petals, lavender oil, rosemary, linden flower, jasmine and sandalwood.
Since the dreams, we got very much closer. My face lightens up when I see her and her heart is melting when she's looking at me. It is much more that in the beginning. And I feel that the beauty is just starting.”
The subway is slowing down. We are getting closer to our station. We thank them for what they shared with us. We leave smiling. We are looking forward for the evening to come.


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