Psychological test  LOVE OR ADDICTION


psychological test love or addictionThis test is indicative and may give you clear clues if in the relationship that you are in the love  was kept alive and pure, or because of unhealed past emotional wounds it became addictive. Whatever the outcome of this test, the solutions are always handy for you.


Seek to answer as honestly as possible with YES or NO to the following questions:
1. Were you often in a position to realize that is necessary to end a relationship that is obviously tormenting  for you, tense and devoided of happiness, and yet did not have the strength to do it?

2. Then when you got out from such a couple relationship, mainly tense and painful, you’ve seeked immediatelly afterwards to begin a new love relationship, even when the new relationship was largely similar to the couple relationship you just said stop?

3. Then when yet from the early months of relationship you notice that the relationship is largely similar to the couple relationship you’ve just said stop, do you tend to make huge efforts to make it work?

4. Was often manifested in you the tendency to eat more or less food than normal, when "you were suffering from love"?

5. Have you thought even once to commit suicide after the suffering which arose out of love?

6. It happens often  to feel excessively responsible for others, while forgetting this way almost completely about you?

7. Do you feel guilty naturally when you get or you are given attention, kindness and love that you deserve and that you should have?

8. Do you feel a strong  and irrational fear that you will be abandoned or neglected by your lover?

9. Have you lost even for a few days the capacity to feel or express your affective emotions or to live the love, after suffering from love?

10. Have you ever stayed in a loveless relationship for reasons such as guilt or fear of being alone / single?

11. Have you agreed to enter into a relationships in which you knew from the begining that will not make you happy?

12. Do you feel attracted by people who have problems with alcohol, drugs, violence, persons who are in a love relationship, married or that are not emotionally and affectively available?

13. You were often in a position to be concerned / preoccupied more by the fact to make the relationship work, than your own well being and balance?


Test interpretation:
If the answer is YES to 5 or more questions, it shows that you are in a dependency emotional state.
If the answer is YES to 7 or more questions, it shows that emotional dependence is chronic in your case.
If the answer is YES to 10 or more questions, it highlights in your case a big emotional deprivation and you may even live in this moment a state of inner emptiness.

An emotional dependency relationship disrupts the whole being, it can dissolve its own personality, it may endanger the health and often serious consequences may follow.

If you notice that you are in this state is necessary to realize that it is first of all necessary to heal youself emotionally and then learn to love and be loved. If this test’s parametre  is quite high would be wise to seek the help of a therapist or even a support group on this subject. I wish you great success in making choices that directs your steps towards the happiness and love that you deserve.


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