What do we need to know about sacred relationships


what do we need to know about sacred relationshipsThe soul communion in a couple ensures the success
Many desire to have successful couple relationships but have no idea what this means. Therefor, we ask ourselves, what are the signs of success in this case? Merely the number of years spent together? More years, more the couple is a model of success? Could it be like that?
It seams, though, that is not like that. Many couples choose to stay together due to external reasons. The existence of children, material and financial dependency, momentary safety and fear of the unknown are some of them. They are few the ones that stay together their entire life because they truly love each other and not because they need one another. True love is based on the desire to give and not on the need to receive. A couple that succeeds in keeping their love for years and in deepening the soul connection that united them in the beginning is truly a successful couple.
But it can be much more than that. There are love relationships that are based on much more high, profound and more spiritual feelings. This relationships can be called sacred. We do not find so easily this kind of sacred relationships around us, but when you find something like this it marks you forever.


The sacred relationships exist but they are rare
The sacred relationships are relationships in which the two are sincerely loving each other, enjoying each other and together are collaborating in a lucid and conscious manner for a spiritual goal that they are choosing together. Most people are desiring an ideal couple relationship. This is why there are a lot of topics on how to find your soulmate, your other half or true love. And still, what is ideal for someone can be uninteresting for someone else. So, how can we understand the sacred relationships?
What brings the sacred in a relationship is the inner feeling of each one, the mysterious manner in which the two are experimenting the joy of true love, beyond the ego and the individual desires of both of them.

The sacrality of a relationship appears when the two are aware of:
The fact that they are together is not random.
Love comes from God and this is why it's infinite.
They have something to do together, a spiritual mission that surpasses the individual comfort.
“We” is much more important than “me”.
Together they are ONE, not two.
The sincerity and authenticity are allowing a constant embrace of the soul of the other one even when they are not together in the same place.
To love does not mean to look at each other but to look together in the same direction.
The trust in one another grounds the relationship.
Any problem in the couple has a solution that needs to be found together and represents a lesson necessary to be learned.
Love overcomes the space and time limits and it's finding itself in the divine eternity.


what do we need to know about sacred relationshipsThe true fulfillment comes from the revelation of the inner divine Source
The search for love starts when a being realizes that they feel incomplete. Many people look for relationships in order to try to find love – to find their soulmate or the other half. In other words, many are trying to become whole by looking for love outside, in the love that is given to them by another person. And still, the true wholeness is not coming form outside. The missing piece that makes all of us feel like ONE is discovering the divine infinite inner source. But, in general, we do not become aware of this at first and we have the tendency to look for it outside.
This exploration of love offers the occasion of discovering one of the most high trues of humanity: the most fulfilling and most sacred relationship is the one that we have with ourselves. The first sacred relationship we have with ourselves, with our divine SELF and the  Self love is fundamental for all sacred relationships.


I am always your divine mirror
And still, sometimes the relationship conjunctures seam to stray us from the path of self knowledge by mirroring our weaknesses and our vulnerabilities. However, this is just a appearance that melts upon a deeper look. Actually, the relationships offer challenges that are becoming unlimited occasions for development, self control and self love. When we are in a sacred relationship we are silently sealing a sacred covenant with the one we love: “ I will be a mirror for you, in order to help you see your divine reflection, to reveal to yourself who you truly are as the ultimate essence and I know that you are and will be my divine mirror”.

This spiritual bond allows the relationship to catalyze our personal growth and our spiritual evolution. When the other one mirrors us and reflects us all the energies, we can see ourselves more clearly and in this way we are stepping together on the fast lane of authentic love in the couple relationship.

This approach is actually what makes the difference between the common relationships (even the successful ones) and the sacred relationships. We are discovering together the infinite potential of loving God existing as love in the other one. In this way love uplifts and makes us sacred. Because from that perspective of Self love we are gaining an increased capacity to give ourselves and to share the love for other beings. Shared love in a sacred relationship is a gift that reflects the Infinite Divine Self in each being.

Understanding the relationships as catalysts shows why so many relationships are becoming more difficult with time. When the two lovers are mirrors for the other one, each reveals to the other aspects that were until then hidden from themselves. The consciousness shadows of the other one are gradually brought to light and due to that the relationships are often challenging.

The sacred relationships are not creating needs and addictions but are granting freedom and soul and spiritual communion. In a sacred relationship, the two lovers are evolving together, mirroring each other as sublime beings through their divine qualities. They can evolve in the same rhythm or in different rhythms, on increasingly high levels of consciousness, towards Self love.

The sacred relationships are the relationships of the future – a bright and profoundly spiritual future.


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