Top secrets in couples  happiness


top secrets in couples happinessMen are from Mars , women are from Venus
It's a fact of notoriety. When men and women will still meet somewhere , they choose Earth . That is how the way they cross  from loneliness  to the much-desired couple traverses sometimes galactic distances . When the vehicle is spirituality , men and women go faster through this space and it is  an extra chance to discover the secrets of lasting love .

The number of the perishing couples relations on the battlefield annually reached a breathtaking record. A marriage in three ends on the banks of the tribunal. That to mention just about love by hand acts, if we look informal ...  those numbers are climbing faster .

No, it's not a virus. No kind of inevitable "curse of the Pharaohs ". Just a lot of relationship soar off with baseless hopes and fanciful assumptions .  And what sense is to think of communication when we do not know very well with whom we  communicate , what we want to say and where we want to get ?


Love for the other begins with self-love.
At  the age of 30 she turned recently ,  Anamaria says that after every failed romance ,she throwns herself  in following one with  all illusions intact. "I wanted a perfect love, a kind of Prince Charming, not necessarily with a superb physique, but riding a white horse and ready to save me from the fears we had then. Somehow, all my teenage and student period I have put all the responsibility of my happiness in the hands of the one I was in love.

Now I realize that I did not know much about myself and hoped my boyfriend   will do something that will make me feel safer and more satisfied with my life. At some  point attending a personal development seminar ,I got the push I needed. It woked me  up from numbness, made me look carefully inside myself , seeing myself as I was , to discover my potential. I learned to listen to me, to listen to Tavi with whom I am already in a three years long relationship. I feel like we have a lot in common, and we are friends, not just lovers. Even the fights that occur , I know they are a confrontation not to him, but to me, to my limits ...

 We are Both concerned with discovering our interior, to  practice everything you can for personal development. And that helps us to merge also spiritually, to support each other like two mountaineers who climb the mountain with the same chord. "


Find Your half with eyes wide open
An universal model of fulfilled couple ... Take your mind off it. No one has in one’s pocket  the miracle formula. A relationship goes smoothly - and not just anywhere but up – when the  two lovers encourages themselves to achieve their goals. Here is the stress point!Do these  goals match and complement? Do they reinforce each other’s?  In the fever of  falling in love, when we feel irresistibly attracted to the other,for everyone is so easy to believe that he has found a soul mate! That time  reveals that "half" "different" is understandable. The "Half" was "different" from the outset, but the other did not have eyes to see.

Alexander is married for 5 years. When he met his wife, Monica he, barely graduated in acting and marriage. "I wanted to play Shakespeare, ex-wife wanted to buy a 3 bedroom apartment. I was rehearsing with my theater band till late at night, ex-wife wanted that i go into show variety, to earn extra money, take our new kitchen furniture.

I could not believe it and I was wondering where has gone that woman that before we got married seemed so happy when he recited poetry! Much later I realized that each wanted something else out of life and, in fact, it was my fault that I imagined “ I don’t know what “ . With Monica I didn’t rush , we met at leisure. I saw her cheerful and very understanding, very calm. She is a restorer of church and for her life and spirituality are naturally together, not just on the scaffold when she paints, but everywhere, at home, on the street ...

With time we got closer, we have reached a point of intimacy that I have not lived with anyone. There are times when we communicate without words, we think the same thing at the same time ... Our relationship is like a child that we care to grow up healthy and shiny. "


Build the harmony between you
In the tantric tradition the couple is a meeting between two free spirits . Man and woman  do not contemplates each other lostly , but going together on the same goal . For seekers of a total fulfillment in life, a relationship of love is not a terminus station or a place to rest with free ticket . It's a royal road to inner perfection .


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