The couple – A meeting between two free spirits


the couple - a meeting between two free spiritsIn its deepest significance, the couple is a meeting between two free spirits. When this meeting takes place, hearts, bodies and breaths are united into love.
Imagine the joy and beauty of two birds flying by themselves, side by side. What would happen if their wings would be tied to one another? Unable to rise from the ground, overwhelmed by the weight of the other, both lose their chance to fly. The same happens with two human beings who love each other but don’t set themselves free, binding each other with attachments, demands or promises.

However, beneficial subtle, aural and energetical connections also occur between a man and a woman who love each other. Those are much more important because they are deeper. Stable, strong and long lasting couple relationships are built upon them.


An authentic couple is a royal path
Spiritual traditions say that when a man and a woman love each other truly, they don’t get lost in contemplating each other, but walk together, side by side, looking ahead with the same aim. For those who seek total fulfillment in life, the love relationship is not a terminal station or a free-access lounge. Nor is it a fata morgana that might suddenly disappear after a while.
An authentic couple is a royal path towards inner perfection, a road often pleasant and delightful, but at times
slow and difficult. The couple relationship can itself be a true spiritual path, an adventure of the spirit, a celebration of love and universal existence. When they love each other deeply, being truly merged and becoming one when they unite, lovers get connected again and again with the very heart of existence, with the mysterious universal essences.


Unite your hearts through your breathing
When you are with your lover, you and your lover can experience subtle, energetic states of communion and identification, at all levels of your being – aural, vital, emotional, mental and spiritual. One of the simple ways to achieve this is through synchronized breathing.

For this, you both need to lie in bed, intimately embraced and with eyes closed. One of you will synchronize their breath after the other. You will focus inside and pay as much attention as possible, aiming to listen to your lover’s natural rhythm of breath. Gradually, your breaths will synchronize better and better, until the breathing in, the breathing out and the spaces bewteen them will have identical rhythms.

At one point you will notice that the process of synchronizing maintains itself spontaneously, although you no longer pay attention to it. Once at this stage, you are to remain with your eyes closed and identify with the other at subtle, vital, energetical, emotional and mental level. The range of emotions, intuitions and phenomena that occurs is astonishing. Remain motionless and relish for as long as you feel like in those states that spontaneously appear in your inner universe. Then you can continue to explore this wonderful resonance in a more active, dynamic way, by making love with sexual continence.

Maintaining your breaths synchronized, use your lips, hands, chest or sexual organs to create a profound contact with your beloved. Stay relaxed and at ease. Notice how the rhythm of your breath changes and synchronizes with that of your lover, quickening or slowing down.


Feeling as one in your souls
This exercise is a novel way to know those we love and who love us. It is a superior way of amplifying the emotional, mental and spiritual intimacy we have with our lover’s mysterious universe, especially if we aim to deepen, full of transfiguration, our love relationship in order to experience states of oceanic bliss.

Practicing synchronized breathing in couple allows us to reach an intuitive awareness of the complementary affinities we have, affinities that polarize and deeply fulfill us, on multiple levels, due to the phenomena of resonance which are reciprocally triggered, reinforcing one another in the presence of our lover. Systematic practice of this technique combines pleasure with the happiness of empathic and telepathic communion, accelerating at the same time our emotional, mental and spiritual evolution.

Doing it at least once a week you can awaken your empathy, telepathy and spiritual intuition very quickly. You will feel more and more united in soul, experiencing a great state of freedom while you both start feeling as one.


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