Transfiguration. Practical lessons of happiness

by Corina Buhagiar

Transfiguration. Practical lessons of happinessTransfiguration doesn’t involve effort, at least not in the common meaning of the word.  In simple terms, it is similar to looking at a cube drawn on a sheet of paper. Watched from a certain perspective, the geometrical figure appears to be coming out in bold relief and thus rising above the level of the paper. Upon  closer examination, one may notice that the cube is actually sinking in and outlining its volume at a level situated somewhere beneath the surface of the paper. At first, the cube may have seemed impossible to look at from a “different” point of view, because when we are used to a certain image, you create a perceptive habit which prevents you from changing your perspective. But when you succeed in doing this, you realize that the other image had actually been there all along, and now it is very easy to picture the cube however you wish.

If you have ever looked at someone with the intention to see beyond his or her apparent features and qualities, you don’t have to ask yourself what transfiguration is, because you already know it. It is the mysterious phenomenon that approaches reality under a whole new and divine point of view, revealing it as sublime, magical, beautiful, and full of surprising and profound meanings. It is the art that connects us to refined and wonderful energies and makes us turn from the ordinary to the ideal, from the common to the extraordinary.

Transfiguration unveils the poetry and magic that lie hidden behind all things, phenomena and beings, it is the mirror that shows us reality in an archetypal hypostasis.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. It never was, and can never be elsewhere
The peach tree cannot grow oranges
It is easier for us to transfigure once we have succeeded in harmonizing our emotions and mental aspects (thoughts, ideas, conceptions etc) and in reaching and maintaining a state of “mind in the heart and heart in the  mind”.

Transfiguration is not the same as delusion and chaotic imagination. It must also start from a real, objective feature of the respective being or phenomenon.  Intuition, along with affection and creative imagination generate the essential vision that elevates and enriches both the subject and the object of transfiguration.

If we look at a blooming peach tree, we can happily anticipate the times when it will be full of ripe, sweet and juicy peaches, but it would make no sense to imagine that the peach tree could possibly bear orange fruit.  Also, through this single peach tree, we can contemplate all the peach trees that have ever existed and will ever exist (as they are all deeply connected through resonance) or even the primordial peach tree which is actually the mysterious origin of the entire species. Moreover, our peach tree, which is obviously pulsating with life, can place us in resonance with the entire plant universe, and ultimately with life itself.

Start from the archetype of the zodiac sign
The simplest and most common way of transfiguration starts from focusing on the qualities manifested by the beloved one as a result of zodiacal influences., Whether they are aware of it or not, every human being resonates with all the wonderful features impregnated upon it by the stars at the time of their  birth.

If your beloved is born under the Cancer sign, you can easily relate to the special qualities offered by this constellation: Sensibility, devotion, affection, refined feminine energy. Through transfiguration, she (your beloved) will no longer be just a woman to you, but an archetype of her zodiac sign, flawlessly embracing and manifesting all the qualities stated above. This kind of evocation puts you in instant resonance with specific cosmic energies and will raise your love relationship to amazing, sublime spiritual heights.

Here is a list of qualities prevalently manifested by each of the twelve zodiac signs:

Aires: candour (purity), innocence, will
Taurus: vitality, stability, aesthetic sense, sensuality
Gemini: intelligence, refined affection, originality
Cancer: devotion, sensibility, maternal love
Leo: generosity, force, cosmic love
Virgo: purity, abnegation, conscientiousness
Libra: harmony, refined sensuality, beauty
Scorpio: passion,regeneration,mystery
Sagittarius: knowledge,freedom,spontaneity
Capricorn: profoundness,earnestness,abnegation towards perfection
Aquarius: selflessness,friendship,love
Pisces: faith,love,spirituality.

Focus on qualities
Along with love and sexual continence, transfiguration is indispensable in tantric love making. Mircea Eliade pointed out without hesitation: without transfiguration, the erotic union remains just a profane act. The transfiguration of the beloved being triggers an opening towards the infinite and the sublime. When the man transfigures his beloved woman and the woman transfigures him as well, their relationship rises to a transcendent dimension that substantially surpasses the happiness of an ordinary couple.

At the beginning of every meeting, “the affectionate contemplation of the other” is a very simple means to ignite magic within the couple. It is ideal for this state to last and amplify during the meeting as well as after the man and woman are no longer together in the same physical location.

Try to constantly relate only to the qualities of the being you love, amplify them through transfiguration, idealize him or her. Such an attitude causes more effects than any discussions concerning the flaws and gestures that you dislike or resent. Always transfigure, even when you are in his or her presence, when you talk about your beloved or when you simply think about your beloved. In time, this attitude will produce extraordinary effects and her positive transformation will be accelerated. There is no need to believe it is possible. Simply verify this truth by transfiguring the being you love.


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