You celebrate differences


you celebrate differencesHe is too different from me. What do I do?
The other day I was talking with a friend. She complained that her husband does not understand her and that he thinks very differently from her. "He is so different from me, that I wonder if I made the right choice," says my friend.

This problem faces many women. Therefore, many of them take drastic decisions, separations or divorces that sooner or later they regret. It is not very complicated to solve this issue, but it requires changing the point of view. More exactly, when you are dealing with a man remember that obviously he is not a woman (and this can only make you happy) and remember to treat him as such. Truly speaking this fact that he is so "different" is a very good sign, and it shows a good choice. Why?

Because it is an universal game. Man and woman are two different universes. They are two opposite worlds that meet in one point. The more differences they have, the more attracted to each other they feel, and the meeting point is stronger and more stable. Women’s art is to always keep in mind / be conscience of that point, because if you lose it, you have all the chances to lose the balance, the happiness with your lover and even the relationship.

Of course the same things are true for men too. It is advisable for them not to forget that women think differently, act differently and especially feel differently. Because maintaining a balanced relationship requires the effort and attention of both parts equally.


Discover yourself and his universe will be revealed to you
These natural differences are designed to maintain attraction and to keep those two together. We're like two magnets, one plus (man) and one minus (woman) which are all the time strongly attracted to each other and when they are next to each other they are inseparable and act as a whole. Something like that happens with us women and men. But we often ignore these simple, but true things.

The key to happiness is to learn to celebrate differences, to enjoy the differences, but firstly it is necessary to know and understand them.

Think. You have your own way of being, your own way of living, the special gift to create your whole life, to rediscover the profound connection with everything around you, with others, with yourself. The man, in his turn, is an entire universe. A universe that invites you to explore and love it. You think it's a question of philosophy? It is life itself that offers you innumerable surprises. If you want to be happy accept the life surprises, learn from them and love them.

The first step to do is the self-knowledge. If you know yourself, you'll be able to make him understand you better. It's important to know yourself as a woman, to know what really concerns you, what are your positive needs and desires, what are your aspirations; what relaxes you, what excites, what makes your heart beat. Then you will be able to show him how different you are and how the love between the two of you is nourished by these small or large differences.
Of course you want to get to the long-lasting harmony and happiness in your relationship or you want to have the lifelong happiness. Step number two is to get to know your lover very well and to respect what he has different from you. Thus you have all the chances. Be attentive to his way of thinking, how he communicates, what he really wants and what is his language of love. Discover his strong points, his intimate desires and fantasies, everything he like, all that attracts and awakens in his heart the calling of love.


Choose to love differences between you
Admit it, even if sometimes this game is difficult, it is often fascinating. You are Venus, warm, beautiful, full of femininity, he is Mars, powerful and vertical, masculinity overflowing. Unify these differences through the power of love. Give up the struggle, give up the conflict. He is on the same side as you, even when he does not fully understand you. Love him and let yourself be loved! In the relationship most disagreements appear because the two ignore the fact that they are so different and because they reject the differences.
Choose to love the differences between you. Assimilate them into your heart with love and so you will develop personally and walk on the path of continuous transformation. At the end of this path the happiness and total fulfillment is always expecting you.



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