How to attract what we want

how to attract what we wantThrough resonance we attract or we reject
Each of us is a reservoir of energy with a certain dominant frequency of vibration. We are like a telegraphic instrument. What sort of messages do we transmit to the others around us every moment? Are we already a positive personality so that we can attract another positive personality?
The women who are reconciled with themselves, who love themselves and accept themselves as they are, attract as a magnet the likes, the admiration and the love of the others. And this happens because in the Universe functions the “law of attraction through resonance”. We attract towards us exactly the same type of energy that we send forth to the Universe.
 It is worth to know that we have the power to attract through resonance the beneficial influences that we wish for, as we can also attract the man we desire. It is up to us how we interact with the ones around us, how we are perceived and desired by the others.
If you are sad most of the time, but you want to attract a man who is cheerful and happy, the chances are very small. It is necessary to awaken first in yourself the cheerfulness, so that it can come to you then.


how to attract what we wantThe interior is easy to read from outside
Many men know how to read easily the states of spirit of the women. They can diagnose quickly their feelings. The woman who thinks that she can hide them is naive. Our body is like a gramophone record. Our emotions, actions and intentions are registered in the expression of our face and these recordings act consciously or unconsciously on the other people and implicitly on the reality.
Pesimistic thoughts, reflecting lack of self-confidence, suspicion, gelousy, envy, iritation, leave their mark on the face and on the body of the one who emits them. The face is the forefinger and the pattern of the mind. Our profoundly positive thoughts, feelings and actions give light to our face and the negative ones darken it. When they are emitted contantly, through the phenomenon of resonance, they leave their mark even on our body and on the way we communicate non-verbally with the exterior.
At the same time, if we are attentive, we can find out about the other people things that they do not want to express in words. Non-verbal communication is an active component, that is very much present in our lives. If you know how to look, if you learn to see beyond appearances, you can find out much more things and you understand a lot more.
On the face of a woman any experienced person can easily read what is going on inside her. Thus the men can decipher from our appearance the harmony, sensuality, self-confidence, optimism or the saddness and the doubt.
Many men are not particularly attracted by an extraordinary physical beauty, but they are attracted by what they intuit that there is beyond the physical traits. A woman who is full of love and harmony, at peace with herself, will be like a magnet for many men and even other women will look for her pleasant and agreeable company. Your positive state will also attract success, happiness and abundence.


You cannot hide from yourself
If you think that you are a certain kind of person and you try to convice the others that you are different, you are in the wrong. Your face, your gestures, the way you move or react will always betray the truth about you.
If you have reached a point where you have lost your self-confidence or you do not love yourself enough, the ones around you will notice that and will manifest towards you  exactly the same attitudes. What is to be done? Cultivate exactly the attitudes that you wish for. How does a successful woman behave, which are her gestures, how does she move and how does she talk.
The language of the body influences the way the others perceive us, but can modify also the way we see ourselves. The folk wisdom says that “the attitude creates the aptitude”.
In this direction, the social psychologist Amy Cuddy demonstrates through his studies that when we adopt “body postures specific to power” – standing in a posture that inspires self-confidence, even when we do not feel confident – we can influence the levels of testosterone and cortisol from our brain, thus having a powerful positive impact on our chances of success.


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