Test – What kind of tenderness do you belong to?

what kind of tenderness do you belong toTenderness reliefs our souls, makes us more beautiful, warmer, closer to our souls.
To find out what kind of tenderness characterizes you, answer the following 12 questions:


1. Suppose tenderness is a cake, it would be:
A. A chocolate cake
B. A cake with cream
C. Ginger jam


2. The tender hero of your childhood was:
A. Bambi
B. Snow White
C. E.T. 


3. You feel "the tenderness of night" because:
A. The night is a good adviser
B. You wish "Good night" to your lover
C. Till the end of the night everything is permitted


4. At the family party, you show the tenderness to your beloved by:
A. Exchanging glances, while caressing yourselves under the table
B. Giving him to taste from your food and nibbling from his plate
C. Talking in private, chin to chin


5. Life without tenderness is like:
A. Prince Charming without his Cinderella
B. Champagne without foam
C. Food without salt


6. To show your tenderness, you offer your boyfriend:
A. The last book that you liked
B. A trip to Venice
C. A bottle of fine perfume


7. Tenderness ...
A. Is something free
B. Is not expensive but can bring you a lot
C. Is an exchange value


8. Why teddy bear is so tender?
A. Because it is gentle and soothing
B. Because it is big, fluffy and inspires protection
C. Because it is your first possession


9. The tender expression, which you cannot resist:
A. My kitty
B. My little Angel
C. My Love


10. If you were to draw tenderness, you would draw:
A. A couple on a beach at sunset
B. The lights of a sublime garden at nightfall
C. A small clearing, where the wind blows


11. If tenderness were an object of underwear, such as:
A. A sexy negligee of silk or your lover gown
B. Pajamas with flowers
C. Pink baby socks


12. A happy childhood is:
A. A lost paradise
B. A good start in life
C. A deep feeling

Mark answers according to the table:







        1   2   3   4   5   6    7    8    9   10   11   12
 a      l    t    l    l    n   l     l    l     t     l      t     l
 b      t    l    t   t    t   n    t    t     l     n     n    t
 c      n   n   n   n    l    t    n    n    n    t      l    n

Test results

You have a majority of t
You have a sentimental tenderness
For you, tenderness means something sentimental. Well, you are still dreaming about the fairytale Prince, riding on his white horse. You are inclined to romance, the love for a life and candlelit dinners. Your tenderness is beyond fashion; it is lovely and offers comfort. Long live the sublime values!
Our society’s evil consists in the loss of tenderness. The tenderness is often associated with weakness. It seems like the society could tolerate the tenderness manifestation only in the 2 extreme periods of life - childhood and old age. However, at this time the tenderness is becoming a force in a new searching for sensations.
You have a majority of l
You have a sensual tenderness
You like the fashion and its creations. You have a very mobile spirit. You explore new forms of tenderness and you can find it by exploring the sexual continence in your love relationship. Every day is a new search of sensations. Your tenderness rhymes with vivacity and spontaneity.
All the hopes to expand your tenderness are allowed to you. Continue! You must know how to offer tenderness to yourself in order to be able to offer it to others. If not, there is an error on the concept of exchange. To invite another person to share with you the pleasure you want to offer, to ask him to participate, represents a crucial step towards tenderness. If this works for you, then it must be the same for the other.

You have a majority of n
You have a fused tenderness
For you there is no tenderness without humor. You like social debates. You think the twenty-first century will be marked by the transformation of male-female relations. Both sexes will find, finally, reconciliation in tenderness. Physical culture, eclecticism, the taste of tantric unique pleasures are your best trump cards in terms of tenderness. Keep the confidence in your creativity!
Tenderness brings together all the meanings and abolishes the difference, especially between sexes. It represents a tremendous fusing impetus toward yourself and toward others.
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