Confessions In Bed

 Confessions In BedHow to enjoy pleasure….
"The Single Great Masculine Orgasm" is a myth that is living its last days.
The "bunny rabbit" style of a man is very far away from fulfilling the wishes and aspirations of a couple, and above all one could hardly call it a ‘style’. Rather it brings a dizzy rush to the "Big Ending". It is more like a Genital sprint, which finishes just as soon as it starts.

Why does it happen this way for many and no other way seems to be known? For the simple reason that male orgasm has become the synonym of ejaculation. We hurry  to eliminate the semen hoping to receive immediately the reward for our 5-10 minutes of labour. Sperm becomes the symbol of our highest pleasure and its guarantee. Everything is subsidized and guided by our sexual instincts that deprive us of an exciting world of elusive erotic sensations. For a few moments the primary Eros gets to a paroxysmal level, there are some muscle spasms, and after that comes silence ...


The exorbitant price of ejaculation
This silence is his and not hers. Even though she does not say anything at that moment, sooner or later the stream of accusations and complaints will follow from her  and not necessarily on erotic themes. It follows a kind of "bomb with a delayed effect "? For any reason and at any time, tireless, she will accuse him about anything. However, it is not only the woman who gets frustrated. The price paid by the man for those moments of explosive pleasure is very expensive: exhaustion, premature aging, impotence, spiritual and erotic disappointment.

Yes, erotic disappointment. Or maybe you know a man who can say out loud that 5-7 seconds of orgasm is enough? Even if they happen 3, 4, 5, 6 times per night .... And as time passes, those 5-7 seconds will dramatically diminish. The frequency of meetings will become once a week or even worse…. twice a month.


From fast sex to the art of ecstasy
And if we are to speak about women, we will see that many of them have never experienced an orgasm. And if they have they have experienced a short one that is the type more specific to men. Why would this be? Because everything happens too fast for them. Everything is so carnal. Our fixation on the terminal point cannot release the orgasmic waterfalls, which women are able to feel. A lot of love, openness and understanding are necessary in order to find out what lies within the feminine universe . Only then, we can enjoy the fruits of pleasure tenfold, which she, our beloved, can offer us.

For this we must take a small step, but a very crucial one: the abolition of sex for the art of making love. Refuse the fast ejaculations in exchange for the unlimited delight of the storm, which will shake our entire being during the state of orgasm.
Orientals say, "Pleasure has to be lived, not consumed." This shift in mindset is our passport to erotic Paradise.


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