"We are not human beings with a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings with a human experience
„You have to always try to get really high if you want to be able to see far ahead..”
Constantin Brâncuși

We are more than the bodies we see in the mirror and life is more than what we see with the physical eyes. Looking beyond what is visible is a superior characteristic of the human nature. Do not let appearances deceive you, go beyond them to the essences.


povestiri inspirate


Yoga for women


 Inspired stories

The effervescence and joy of the feminine heart come from living the personal charm and magic. Either it glows exuberantly or it is discreet, the elevated femininity represents in essence a mixture of love, truth, good and harmony.

As human beings, we all obey some immutable laws. We all feel sometimes the limitations and the powerlessness in front of the difficulties of life. Yoga induces the force and the energy to overcome these and even more, to go beyond the human condition and to reveal our divine nature, our Divine Self, what is immortal and eternal inside of us.

Astrology is the sacred science of time offered to the humanity in an epoch in which the human being was unable to be aware of his or her divine origin. At your birth a star was born. Each of us is born under some special astral influences.

A story may entrance you so much as to have the feeling that time stopped by. But an inspired story can change your life; it motivates you to act in order to fulfill your dreams; it leads you to the depths of your soul.