You, too, have the paranormal power of gratitude

power of gratitudeWords are as good for nurturing the soul as they are able to cut deeper than a sword
Sometimes they are voluptuous like fruits, supple, aromatic. Other times they glow intensely, like horses in a full race. They continuously vibrate.
Sometimes we wear them at the heart’s ankle and they make us dance in our inner world, like dervishes inebriated with happiness. In fact, we all are able to raise the light or the nature elements with the help of the words that we believe in, of the words that we use.


Words are universes and if we raise or fall through them it is always our choice
To name something means to affirm its existence and to invoke its presence. That is why the magic mentality forbids people to mention in plain terms dangerous objects and beings.
Even nowadays, the peasants in Apuseni do not risk to name the bear in the woods otherwise than Uncle Martin. While the reckless antagonist of God, they don’t even dare to name him directly, but they nickname him Beelzebub, Belial, Old Nick, Ol’ Scratch...

The contemporary psychology discovered that the words trigger biochemical effects and physiological reactions that produce profound satisfaction or real inner disasters.
A violent or mean addressing dramatically raises the blood pressure of the interlocutor,   his breathing rhythm and his muscular tension, while the heart warming words relax him and make him blush of happiness. The revelation of such an impact motivates us to climb on a new responsibility level. Even more so, as the first ones to listen are...ourselves.
Wrongly maneuvered, our own words, spoken or only thought of, turn against us like the arms of sloppy recruits that they shoot themselves in the leg.
In the Romanian language the words that are capable to induce negative states are three times more numerous than those that describe positive feelings. For the specialists, this fact remains only a simple acknowledgement. But for those determined to transform from the grounds the way they think, feel and act, this statistical report means a challenge to triple lucidity. An impulse to replace the usual toxic affirmations with some full of energy, optimistic, beneficent.


Do you want that your words become part of your spiritual daily practice?    
In order to develop the awareness that identifies your automatism and negative formulations, you need a lot of practice, indeed. But there is something important that you can start right now – which is, saying “Thank You” from all your heart.
Dare to repeat in your mind: “Thank You”. These are words that instantaneously unleash the gratefulness energy. You don’t seem to find many reasons for gratitude? If you watch closely, you can discover lots of them. As meaningless as they’d seem, they fully deserve to bow your soul to them and to just say again and again “thank you”. 


Nothing of what you receive it is simply inhered in to you
Each breath of air that you breathe is a divine privilege, an overwhelming proof of love. The Universe reaches out for you with all its arms and gifts.
Is it gray and gloomy today? Thank for the light that quivers under the clouds, for the small delights that the smell, the taste, the sight, the touch and the hearing offer you. For the food on your table, for the house that protects you from weather’s caprices, for the people that received you in their heart, for the friendly smile of a complete stranger. For freedom and the peace times, for each beauty stroke that you are part of. For everything that makes you laugh heartily. For what impresses you, for what touches you, what charms you, from the things that happened to you or to others, even to unknown people.


Thank as often as you can during one day  
Do this gratitude exercise one week, one month, one year. Until your heart itself reverberates and fills itself with an enigmatic sweetness. And you know which is the big secret? Do not sigh, do not regret anything of what you are still lacking. Do not pray to receive the things you wish for. You simply just thank fervently for them, arduously, the same as for everything that life offers you right now. Thank for them in present tense. If you do it perseveringly you will convince yourself by the paranormal power of gratefulness.


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