From the common woman to the SPIRITUAL WOMAN

From the common woman to the SPIRITUAL WOMANThe spiritual woman has a pioneering mission because she will guide humanity to a new step. This is not going to happen overnight neither as a free miracle. It's necessary for the woman to transform her own being and relationships. The world will metamorphose when the things that define us and the way we communicate one with each other will climb up the evolutional spiral.

Women have become equal with men by law but they are still conditioned by the old schemes that subdue them emotionally and make them compete for the attention and protection of the man. They are invested with the power of life-giving, they are the ones that prepare the crib of a newer and higher humanity. Everything begins with an enlightened conscience that transcends the conditionings of the ego from an individual and collective point of view.

It's a delicate, tough and exciting process. How can it be completed by the women that open the road to Satya Yuga (The Golden Age or the age of spirituality and divine order) ? The spiritual groups and the great traditions of wisdom already know the answer.

We totally assume the responsibility for our own evolution knowing that we are all One and the processes of the whole Universe's blooming have the same root. THE SPIRITUAL WOMAN utterly believes that her evolution spins the wheels of becoming for all humanity.


We unshakably believe in life
THE SPIRITUAL WOMAN gives up the need for controlling everything. She discovers the power of love inside her heart, the love that her own life originates from and also resides inside her and in all of her Being. This profound freedom experience unchains her at the deepest level and thus she can easily reveal herself in all purity, verticality, detached and independent in spirit.


Free from the habit of victimization
THE SPIRITUAL WOMAN knows she is a co-author of this planet's history, not a victim of the eras. She assumes the whole responsibility for her own understandings and for her past and present choices.

Without guilt this feeling of responsibility gives her the certitude that she has the gigantic power to create her present and to plant the golden seeds of a godly future.


We are emotional-rational women
Despite the fact that our emotions can often be intense or even overwhelming we focus all our energy and attention over objectivity. We understand we have the power to choose whether  we let ourselves engulfed by lower states or weather we alchemize them assiduously.
We use this choice more and more often and fruitful. We don't let caught in the traps of fears and desires. We mature emotionally in order to reunite inside and to make the jump towards spiritual maturity.

From the common woman to the SPIRITUAL WOMANOn our feet without hesitation
We don't fearful adapt our answers and actions by others' image on us or after their judgments and we don't incline where the wind blows. We cultivate a real autonomy based on spiritual discernment, aspiration towards the detachment and elevation of the consciousness.
We are not attracted anymore to manipulative games in relationships, instead we thirst for simplicity, honesty and clarity in our contacts with others.

We discard using sexuality for seducing
We understand having the tendency of identifying ourselves with the gigantic power of our sexuality. We lucidly watch and follow the impulse of using our erotic charm to subdue or captivate. We choose to communicate, learn, love and give ourselves.
Aspiring to discard this identification, we explore our eroticism from a higher level making it sacred and rediscovering in senses' expansion and enriched intensity a materialization of the soul's desire for fusion and reunification.
On the other hand the erotic relationship is not the most important criteria of our value as women. The couple opens itself to mystic dimensions and we can build the spiritual communion with our beloved one.

The power of lucidity, the power of humbleness, the power of love
We discard the masks and the imaginary self-image and this leads to an authentic opening, a sort of abandon that doesn't mean emotional vulnerability but the absence of fears, obscure impulses and motivations that often influence women's actions.
We discover the firm trust that our power consists not in harshness and the fight for winning imaginary competitions but in the clarity of the soul, spiritual lucidity and love-full humbleness. We have the power to move forward step by step, the clearness of understanding our destiny and being the road-openers for the times to come.

We are ourselves
We believe in the spiritual eternal force inside us as women and we trust the light and truth in our hearts. We act in full honesty promoting ideals and truths we experiment, thus people can trust our words.
We aspire to constantly be devoted to a higher purpose than our personal life and the limited desires that regard it. We consecrate ourselves to our spiritual becoming and we bring contribution to the mutations that the whole humanity has to make.

We are truly united with all women
We truly love God and we recognize The Divine Mother, The Eternal Feminine or Maha Shakti in all other women. We completely abandon ourselves living the feeling of unity with them. We refuse to consider ourselves separated and to compete with them. We admire women discovering them in their complexity - without fear, shame or guilt. We create authentic connections with all women through trust, honesty, lucidity, spiritual ardor, devotion and longing for the Absolute.

We keep a truly cosmic perspective
We are thirsty for superior knowledge because it makes us live life as a miracle. We know that none of existence's facets in the world - biological, social or psychological - represent the whole diamond. We know that every facet is just an ephemeral cloth, a chance and a gift that makes us a part of the whole Creation. Seeing everything this way is like watching the whole Creation from God's point of view.
When a common woman CHOSES to have spiritual aspirations she begins giving God the first place in her life. This spiritual perspective makes possible in her life the manifestation of wonderful synchronicities and mysterious miracles that don't cease to fascinate her and to fill her with elevated joy. This lovely divine surprises inspire her to amplify even more her longing for God - The Eternal In loved One that she finds in all aspects of her life, in all and everything. This way her life becomes a poem of the divine love in which He is the author and she is the main character.


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