Significations of Love

semnifications of loveThe heart has reasons that the mind cannot understand
We could wonder why all the saints, sages and masters tell us that is essential to love. "Love and do what you want" said Saint Augustine. Or "If you don't love you live for nothing" says a popular romanian aphorism.
Why this matters most and not intelligence, the sense of justice, responsibility, will or anything else ? More than that, we are being recommended to even love our enemies ! What is the explanation ? It's important to point these aspects because even if many of us are already used to such formulations when it comes to understanding them practically we still have a big problem.
An answer to this question could be that Love is superior to all other qualities and virtues because in a way it contains them all. We often understand spontaneous and without doubts "with our hear" things that appear to us as being full of common sense even though we cannot necessarily explain them logically. In this sense Blaise Pascal's observation that says that "The heart has reasons that the mind cannot understand" is famous.

The profound love symbolizes the aspiration and tendency of BEING ONE WITH THE WHOLE
From an esoteric point of view the profound Love symbolizes the human being's global tendency of fulfilling, becoming complete, uniting with the totality and BEING ONE WITH THE WHOLE. Even if we know or not, being conscious or not we all aspire to be complete, to overpass our limitations and this can't be made possible otherwise than acceding a higher grade of Coherence with the Harmony of the Totality.

Inside us there is a structural reflection of the Whole, a spark of the infinite and this infinite within us frantically aspires to unite itself with the infinite outside us. We gradually become more and more aware of this tendency that becomes our main preoccupation. Nothing else won't have any other importance comparable with this aspiration that comes from our heart. The aspiration of being one with the Whole integrates all aspects of the inner and outer reality and it's expression is Love.
Thus we manage not only to Love all aspects separately but TO BE THE LOVE ITSELF. To love something, anything, means that through this attitude we maintain ourselves separated of that aspect and thus implicitly we maintain ourselves separated by the Whole. All aspects are interrelated and we are holographic reflections of the Whole. This is why is essential to love absolutely everything even the so-called "enemies" that actually are the reflection and the objectification of those aspects that our consciousness hasn't yet integrated in the living of the Whole.

semnifications of loveIn essence we are all identical
To be capable of loving your enemies means the maintaining of a certain inner attitude where we not only refuse to be distracted by the exterior aspects of those respective beings that we interact with but even more than that we won't separate of what those "enemies" represent in their essence. This inner attitude is based on the profound understanding of the true fact that in essence we are all identical and we are all One. We are just different hypostases of the same "I".

Of course this doesn't imply becoming naive and injudicious. It's very necessary to do all that one has to do in order to help those people to orientate (freely !) on the path of Good. In this sense the wiser mode of proceeding is limiting the eventual manifestation of evil but not forcing that being to go on the path of Good. Besides, this possible forcing would be a nonsense from a spiritual point of view because the true Good, the profound and mature one, can be experimented (not just displayed outside in a superficial way) only totally free.

The sages from all times said that the best way to instil to someone a positive behavior doesn't imply bringing reproaches and vehement accusations (that will create and escalate a mount of tensions) but offering our personal example that comes from a loving and forgiving attitude. This inner attitude of loving everything is - apparently paradoxically - infallible in transcending and harmonizing every conflict of whose antagonism based in essence on the existence of two opposite and separated forces.
Is good to become aware of the fact that hate leads to disunion and love leads to unification. Hate and disunion are characteristics of the world of demons and Love and unity are characteristics of the world of angels. The more separated and disunited you are from yourself and from what is outside you, the more you suffer. The more unified you are with yourself and coherent with the Universal Consciousness the more happy you are.

Every aspect of reality has a role
Because the Universal Consciousness reflects essentially in  every aspect of reality and because the fact that in the universal Coherence nothing is useless every part thus has a certain role, a certain meaning that is completely integrated in Totality's harmony. Nobody and nothing is useless and from the universal point of view everything deserves to be loved. In this respect an oriental aphorism says in a very inspired way that "Every human being deserves to be loved at least for the fact that in him/she exists a spark of God".

Maybe sometimes it's hard to love specific beings around us but we can be sure this happens firstly because of our limitations. Usually we have the tendency to blame the "inadmissible" behavior of the others. If we succeed to truly understand the fact that - both in our and others' case - mistakes and difficulties reside only in the immaturity we approach life's lessons and that in reality we are all "students" in life's school, then we begin to have more patience. The ones in the lower "grades" still have more to learn but everyone passes through this with no exception.

In order to have a clearer representation of the spiritual conception regarding this aspect is important to know that oriental spiritual traditions affirms that spiritual maturation - and implicitly maturation in love - is realized during countless successive existences where spirits reincarnate. This is why some are born with a big experience and some are hardly at the beginning of the road. Pretending to someone to transform his/hers conception of life immediately proves to be completely unrealistic from this point of view.

semnifications of loveThe sacred is always accessible even in the Profane
From another point of view using the definitions of alchemy we can say that all this process of spiritual maturation implies gradually learning, "transmuting" and "sublimating" any state (or existential situation) that is difficult, inferior and personal in a beneficial, superior and universal state (or situation). The great "unclassified secret" is that the Sacred is always accessible even in the Profane. But it depends on us if we can see this.

Maturating in love, we thus discover the providential sense that always existed in everything and that will continue to exist forever. We discover that nothing has never been and never is random and that all has always been and always is guided with endless love, wisdom and compassion by an infinite Being that has never abandoned us even if maybe we didn't even realized till then that he exists or we weren't always conscious of his presence. We thus discover and embrace full of humbleness, love and gratitude the one that always embraces us in Eternity and that is God.



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