Yoga offers you the opportunity to meet the Magnificent Seven (I)


yoga offeryou the oppurtunity to meet the magnificent sevenModern man has managed to travel in the future. To return to the past. To go into the subatomic structures. To send messages to other galaxies. It has left one thing to do. To find the way to himself.

Human being has a tremendous capacity to adapt, the most sophisticated leverages, protection systems and response options. Everything is designed to go perfectly. This is because, as it is said in the book of Genesis, "is created as the image" of the Creator.


Physicists of the twentieth century were shocked
These words, which the positivist science suspected as lyricism and nothing more, were confirmed. The universe functions as a giant hologram in which every piece is a reflection of the whole in miniature. The mass of a particle, for example, has information encoded about the solar system. Thus, Bible is a spiritual tradition, a metaphor and, at the same time, a vanguard science.

Have you ever seen a hologram? Perhaps not. But have you ever been fascinated by the latest computer? Very likely. It is also possible for you to become excited while admiring a blooming tree or a sunset.

But how many times have you stunned while looking at you in the mirror being amazed of what you see and thought about who you are? When were you last time overwhelmed by the revelation that your being is a triumph of Creation? Let yourself be taken inside of you and you will discover an exciting secret: the keys of the universe. Yes, you can open the doors to other dimensions anytime, it is just necessary to know how to do. Turn your attention inward and notice that you are not your body. You say "my hand", "my foot", "my face". If these are yours, it means that you are their owner, but you can not identify yourself with them. Therefore we must look for something more subtle than material to find an answer.

Are you thinking? Take a sit to think more comfortable. Look at the chair. Touch it. It looks solid, but it is not. The chair you are sitting on is an amazing game of light particles vibrating, resonating and rotating in the mysterious and turbulent ocean of space. This is said not by poets and mystics. It is claimed by specialists in atomic physics. A material thing, they say, is actually the manifestation of handcuffed energy. Even a lifeless object represents a perpetual and intense pulsation of energy. Can you still doubt the things esoteric tradition reveals about the human body?

In the East it is spoken about seven subtle centers of power (chakras), 7 energy vortexes located along the spine outside the body that correspond to seven plexuses known in traditional medicine. These outbreaks ensure the regular exchange of information between the human being and the macrocosm; they are places of meeting between the individual and the universe. The first six have a dual nature: one receptive - yin, moon, feminine - and another emissive - yang, solar, masculine. At the level of the last chakra, the human being transcends the duality and regains its inner unity.


Discover the perfume of prosperity
The first energy center is located in the perineum, between the anus and sex outside the body. It is Muladhara chakra, owner of vitality and physical stability. Do you have a very fine sense of smell? It's a sign that you spontaneously resonate with Earth element. It is thanks to your Muladhara chakra that controls this type of energy. Preservation instinct, life desire, growing, vitality, physical strength, the power to experiment and to complete the started things are directly related to this subtle center. Prosperity resources are activated here. Do you want to choose a logo that fits perfectly the first floor of human being? The elephant is the embodiment of colossal energy stored in the Muladhara. Why? Because it is strong and brave. Because it removes all obstacles.

When Muladhara chakra is unbalanced, you risk experiencing violence, anger, constipation, fear of physical annihilation. If its energy is perturbed the body looks heavy, the human being is inclining to a monotonous life, obesity and greed. The usual problems of Muladhara are
causeless fear and anxiety.
How to harmonize it? Many asanas know the answer. In addition to practicing yoga positions, you have to daily dedicate some time to feel the earth beneath your bare feet. And ... dance!


All sails up!
Do you know that crocodile′s fat is an excellent stimulant of virility and potency? Did you hear about the astonishing aphrodisiac substances being extracted from the genitals of this huge reptile? Then you understand one of the reasons why yogis have designated this creature as a symbol of energy center over the sexual organs Swadhistana chakra. The alligator is versatile. It is easy to confuse it with the living environment, has the power to seduce the pray by the eyes and devour it in the depths. So are the people whose dominant energy center is Swadisthana. Here is the headquarters of your sexuality and impulse. The characteristic verb of this chakra is "to create". The sense of taste and imagination, exquisite sensuality and social mimicry are coordinated from here. Starting from this center you are put into resonance with the subtle energies of Water. All sails up and have fun!

Imbalance of this chakra shows a perverse form of envy and jealousy. Have you ever seen a whirlpool? So, in this way Swadhisthana starts whirling when its energies are going crazy. Exaggerated emotional reactions and state fluctuations, sex dependency or obsessive attachment are on extremity. At the other extremity occur frigidity, impotence and even fear of pleasure. Such a person is "sour" and gossip. Touchstone of Swadhistana chakra is the feeling of guilt. But do not worry; you have a lot of yoga techniques - asana, breathing exercises and meditation - to reach the equilibrium point of this chakra.

(To be continued)


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