Yoga and the modern women


yoga for the modern womenYoga means connection, communion, integration
Modern women are more and more confronted with stressful situations connected to professional life and with the family responsibilities, while they are living in a society with fast developments, fast meals, fast moments of intimacy in the family. Even if we are able to finalize more tasks each day, sometimes, we are still not satisfied.

We run more, we work more, we take care of everything around us, always checking on our daily tasks list what we have solved. But within ourselves we long for something deeply fulfilling, but not by avoiding of those activities, which are in fact, our life, but by integrating them in that fulfillment that calls us constantly.

Yoga is a strategy for finding this fulfillment, by instruments that chase the pains and worries. The fears and agitation and even our feeling of separation.

Deep within ourselves we long more than for any other thing, for, the feeling of connection, communion, integration, in the middle of a culture that many times separates us even from ourselves, taking us exclusively on the sterile mind/reason playground. Through yoga practice, we can start to feel connected with our body, with its rhythms, with the breathing, the emotions, being able this way to get out of the almost incontrollable turmoil of all kinds of thoughts.

If we wish to be part of a world worth living in, we have to assume the responsibility of improving pur own lives and encouraging and supporting others to live a richer life, healthier and more fulfilling.

Assuming this responsibility means to have daily practice through which to generate this transformation in ourselves and in all that surrounds us. It is at each of us’ reach to transform the world with lot of love, by choosing to transform ourselves first, through lots of love.


You too, live your life as a continuous celebration
One of the oldest and most efficient modalities of improving our life, respectively  of acquiring a better health, a better control over emotions, more harmonic relationships with those around us, for our transformation and of the entire planet, is of practicing yoga, this, meaning (asane) the healing exercises, breathing and meditation.

Recent studies in the health field and of the general wellness of people have proved the special effects of yoga practice in reducing stress. But while many books were written regarding the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga practice, there are few information regarding the specific effects over women’s life. I lovingly share with you out of my experience in yoga practice, that taught me to live my life as a continuous celebration.

Yoga practice can help us to feel we belong to a bigger community of yogi women. When we sit every day on a yoga mattress we can be sure that many other women in the world do the same in that very moment. Yoga practice can thus be a personal and universal exercise in the same time.

By acknowledging the healing exercises’ effects we reaffirm our connection with women all over the world, women that develop themselves, women that flourish, that give birth and raise children, women that rejoice themselves, that celebrate and that live with their heart open and their mind clear.


yoga for the modern womenMore health, more love, more harmony
Me, myself I was provoked by my health when I was very young. I suffered from arthritis and I was confronted with big pains and I took lots of medicines that doctors recommended in their good intentions of helping me.

When I started the yoga practice, doubled by a special diet and a firm orientation through positive aspects of life, I’ve got extraordinary effects in improving my health. But I have also noticed that I felt more alive more open towards love and harmony, more delighted with my own life.

In other words, I had became more healthy physically, as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There is no need for me to mention, that my commitment to yoga practice was one for good and all and so, yoga became for me a lifestyle.


I recommend you to practice yoga
I recommend you to practice yoga, either you do it for health, for personal development or for spiritual transformation. Do not let doubts embezzle you. Take a yoga class and practice yoga everyday. If you do not have time but to practice on yoga exercise (asana) I recommend you to practice relaxation. 

Modern people are generally sleep deprived and women are on top of the list even. We wake up early to prepare kids for school, to prepare ourselves for the day, to go to work, to do a million things a day. We go to bed late because we solve the invoices issue, we fold the freshly washed clothes, to write reports or to vegetate in front of the TV, trying to escape for few minutes from the turmoil of requests of all kind in our life.

I recommend you to practice yoga. To practice relaxation, allowing yourself to enter in a profound communion with your body for about 15 minutes. This is an essential yoga exercise (asana).

I challenge you to ask yourselves: “What do I want from my life right now?”

It is possible that you do not have the power to modify instantaneously the circumstances of your life – maybe you are a mother in distress, maybe you have lesser money that you would want, maybe you are an adolescent with a heart full of doubts and trials, etc.

But you have the power to transform the way you position yourselves towards these challenges at a given moment. 

I am the same as you are. I am a woman that fought with her body, with her emotions, with the difficulties in relationships. In the turmoil of my life I have discovered that the regular practice of the yoga techniques – asane, breathing, meditation – became the foundation on which I have built harmonic relationships with the people around me and a continuous transformational estate, in which I modify with love what can be modified and I accept with detachment, what cannot be modified.
I have the complete trust that you too, are able to build this foundation of your life through yoga practice.

So, let us that together, in this community of women that practice yoga, do our best to live as the lotus, even if we have the roots in dirty waters, to be at peace with our life, to be beautiful, radiant and full of inner peace.


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