Why should I practice YOGA?


why should i practice yogaOpen your inner gates
Do you feel that you are automatically  pushed in the daily life pressed by time and schedule? Joy and sorrow come one after another like in a carrousel without any meaning? The good and bad estates overwhelm you and you don’t even have the time to be aware of them?
Sometimes it seems difficult to focus your entire attention over one’s Self, the place where all your happiness and sorrows are combined. You know of course how to temper your hunger, your  thirst, how to make tiredness go away, how to satisfy your primary whishes. But you may not always know  what to do to take under control all your wide inner webs, chemical and bio-energetic, the place where happiness and grief, serenity and anger are manufactured. 
And even so it’s easy. Even if it takes time, it’s never impossible to achieve it. There are hundreds or even thousands of years when men and women took in consideration this aspect. And they managed to feel good in their own body, to balance and accommodate their organism to the environmental conditions in which they lived.
They discovered yoga- the physical and mental resistant piece- a method, an art of living that even though it has been practiced over the centuries, it really brings quick solutions for the modern mankind problem.

Make order in your thoughts
Usually your continuous inner dialogue is the one that controls you many times in a chaotic way. Maybe it’s time to dare to make order in your thoughts and to be the master of your own mind. The one who opens this kind of gates with such a key it’s called in Orient yogini, the feminine sanskrit  word of the word yogi.
A yogini propose herself many targets that are related:
-to know herself
-to be happy
-to develop the ability of self-control
-to have a balanced and fulfilled sexual life
-to become a woman with self-consciousness and truly fulfilled
- to manifest at maximum all her being energies
- to discover in herself the divine essence, that spiritual light that makes her form an integral part of the Unique Whole, the Universal Consciousness or God.

From the moment you start a process of self-knowledge, everything happens as if you would climb up the stairs of a mysterious tour- which is your own being. On each floor there are gates opening to you to the very moment when you arrive in their front. Between the floors there are windows that reveal an unexpected universe. As you climb up further everything you see beyond them has a deeper meaning each day.

why should i practice yogaYoga brighten up your life
Don’t you think that yoga puts you aside from your normal life. On the contrary, yoga let’s you approach life with much more serenity, to reorganize it step by step according to what you discover inside your own being.
„Yoga”, says a wise Mongolian  “makes all the walls  transparent.” Yoga can bring you back to your natural mental and physical condition, to which the actual technological civilization alienate us and we couldn’t even realize this. 
Lately more and more people choose to practice yoga, either to maintain themselves in a good shape or to recover their health, to recover their balance and harmony in the emotional section, to improve their mental performances or to explore a fascinating oriental tradition. 

The success that yoga has it in the West is based on a complex millenary tradition. It’s a real science, described in thousands of specialized treaties; if the different branches of the yoga system would be taught  as discipline in a university, it should be one with many departments in order to embrace the whole complexity of this system.  The one who really know this science are complaining about the west vulgarization, where yoga is taught as simple gymnastics system or on the contrary as a pseudo-religious  system of faith.

The complexity of YOGA teachings shouldn’t be a barrier for those who want to start practicing it, but the guaranty that they have chosen a system that can offer them tremendously in every aspect of their life. Practicing yoga leads you gradually to a balanced, harmonious and wiser way of living, it implies also a healthy nourishment (the yogis are lacto-vegetarian), morals, the approach for the natural therapies to solve health problems, the perfect control of the sexual energy etc.


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