Say GOODBYE to the premenstrual syndrome

What represents the premenstrual syndrome
say goodbye to the premenstrual syndromeThe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects the majority of women (almost 85%) to some degree, at a certain point in time during their fertile years. It starts 7 to 10 days before menstruation. The symptoms can vary from a light fluid retention to severe oscillations of their disposition and/or depression.

Depending on the symptoms that are present in the premenstrual period (headaches, sensibility at the level of the breasts, the presence of some pimples, appetite for sweets, tiredness, dizziness, yet also states of anxiety or nervousness ), women can be categorised in one of the four premenstrual typologies. (Read about the premenstrual typologies here: Test - Premenstrual syndrome)

In the moment when the woman finds out to which typology she belongs to, this syndrome can be eliminated for good if she applies some simple and efficient recommendations with perseverance and trust.


Methods for easing and eliminating the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
In the following, a few general methods will be presented that can be applied in order to help in easing and even eliminating the premenstrual symptoms:

1. It is very important that in the organism the values of calcium and magnesium are at their optimal levels. It is necessary to carry out a few simple analyses from the blood in order to find out whether or not there is a deficit. Research suggests that the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome can be reduced almost to half (dispositions to oscillations inclusively, depression as well as menstrual cramps) only through the daily administration of 1200 mg of calcium. Thus, women who are confronted by an exaggerate appetite for sweets are recommended to supplement their diets with 300 to 500 mg of magnesium. Magnesium also reduces the tension at the level of the breasts.

The sources of calcium and magnesium, respectively, are recommended to be natural. Firstly, calcium can be taken  from sesame seeds and tahini, which are the richest source of calcium; from dairy products which should be as natural as possible, green vegetables, especially leafy greens: cabbage, green salad and kale as well as soy-based products: soy milk, tofu.

Magnesium is a mineral found in nature, that is present in green vegetables, especially in the leaves (spinach, green salad, nettle, green onion ). Substantial quantities of magnesium are present also in integral cereals (brown rice), soy-based products (for instance, tofu), seeds, nuts, almonds, beans, peas, fruits (avocado, banana, dried apricot), figs, shellfish.

Magnesium fulfils most efficiently the needs for vitamin A, calcium, phosphor and vitamin B6.

say goodbye to premenstrual symdrom2. The tension at the level of the breasts can be reduced or eliminated also through the daily dose of 600 g vitamin E. This vitamin has a protective effect upon the cardiovascular system, it can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and it has many beneficial effects on health.

Additionally, the necessary vitamin E can be obtained from a balanced diet which contains some natural sources of vitamin E: vegetable oils (soy, sunflower, olive, ground-nut, sweet corn), nuts, hazelnut, almonds, seeds, germinated cereals - wheat sprouts, whole grain cereals, dairy products, green vegetable, wild rice.

3. The daily dose of 50 to 300 mg vitamin B6 results in the reduction of PMS symptoms for many women. A higher level of attention is required in order to prevent the overdose of vitamin B6, because if this nutrient is consumed in excess, it can have side effects, such as numbness and decreased sensibility on the level of the nerves. It is recommended to ask for the advice of your GP related to this subject.
Vitamin B6 can also be assimilated from natural sources such as brewer’s yeast (contains also complexes of vitamin B), wheat bran, wheat sprouts, soy, melon, cabbage, black grape molasses.

As a general recommendation regarding the necessary vitamins and minerals, it is better and also healthier to assimilate them from natural sources and to be attentive so as their quantities in our organism are always on the optimal level! Thus, the major deficits leading to crisis, that are much harder to solve, do not even appear.

4. One of the best modalities for reducing or even eliminating the premenstrual syndrome is the regular practice of physical exercise. Some very efficient yoga positions and breathing techniques can be practiced successfully, having as an objective the harmonisation of the activities of the abdominal brain which is directly responsible for the way in which we manifest our emotions. Thus, “the emotional carousel” that women are confronted by monthly disappears.

5. Dietary modifications can help in reducing the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome. It is highly recommended to eliminate some foods: refined sugar, meat, alcohol, caffeine and following a vegetarian diet that is low in fats, yet rich in complex carbohydrates, leafy greens, fruits and cereals. Refined sugar can be replaced successfully with inverted sugar, brown sugar or honey. Coffee can be replaced with “plant-based coffee”: inka or chicory.

6. Using medical plants according to the instructions of a phytotherapeutic professional is recommended in treating the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome, which has very good results.

7. Making lifestyle modifications in general as well as increasing the coefficient of emotional intelligence remain also basic methods. Whenever there is a real balance between work and relaxation in the life of women, whenever the needs of their own souls are revealed by them and fulfilled, when the emotions which she experiences are preponderantly positive, when in their relationships with others there is a perfect balance between giving and receiving, asking and refusing, then when she accepts in its totality their sexuality, their role as women and femininity which they manifest naturally, with joy and absolute faith in Themselves – simply, the premenstrual syndrome cannot manifest anymore in their beings.

It is worth for every woman to verify whether these aspects are true for them!


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