Illnesses of Women

Illnesses of Women Femininity as a generic term encompasses many different aspects - a perfect woman is one who manifests entirely all of these aspects. Not manifested these aspects can cause various illnesses, firstly on the emotional level, afterwards on the energy-functional level and, finally, on the physical level.
Each of these aspects has a specific area in the body where it is projected:
- femininity manifested as protecting, nourishing, giving love – has its projection on the breasts area, by not manifesting these feelings, it will initially generate frustration, afterwards  giving various feelings in the breasts, and finally, fibro-cystic mastosis
- femininity as the original matrix, the maternity generating and creating the supporting power - is manifested especially in the uterus, its repression will eventually, through similar steps, develop uterine fibroids;
- femininity as bipolar interaction, especially erotic, but also at social and family level - is reflected mainly in the ovaries, if not manifested, it will finally end with ovarian cysts.


Fibro-cystic Mastosis
Breasts are tied to one of the most elevated aspects of femininity: the love that offers, protects and nourishes. Love is not dominating (which can take a toll on the heart especially) and does not refer to erotic matters (which projects mainly in the ovaries). For a woman, maternal love is the most fulfilling form of love. Blocking its manifestation brings the tensions accumulating in this area, feeling symptoms in functional terms (pain and other various feelings) and finally, the organic pathology - most commonly, various forms of fibrocystic mastosis. This blocking is often a limitation, a deformed capacity to receive and transmit affection.
If the pain of frustrated maternal feelings is very intense (a mother emotionally wounded by her children’s attitude, by their lack of gratitude, their carelessness, terrible behavior towards her etc..), the patient may bleed from the nipple, and if the trauma is intense and emotionally repeated there can occur dysplastic or neoplastic changes (breast cancer).


Uterine fibroids
It is a benign tumor of muscle and connective tissue of the uterus. If it is present, there are different feelings of pelvic pain  and bleeding between periods (metrorrhagia) or more abundant blood flow during menstruation (menorrhagia).
The cause of uterine fibroids are: frustration, violation of desire, protection, stability, intimacy. Lack of appreciation and gratitude from the man represses women latent energy which ensures vitality, ability to manifest, to express, to be herself. A physical consequence is always fibroids.
Another cause of uterine fibroids is the suppression of the desire to be a mother (to have a baby) because of the material circumstances (deficiencies), of professional ambitions or obligations, of the desire for freedom (to travel, to have fun etc.), of insecurity in marriage instability or lack of a couple relationship etc.


Ovarian Cysts
Their subtle cause is the repression of the erotic function: if this erotic function  is not allowed to be the expression of affection for the man she loves, sexual energy is blocked and by condensation will cause cysts; being frustrated, the woman becomes more conservative, retracted, "encysted".
Everyone needs a fulfilling erotic life, the possibility to freely express the affective potentiality, offering to the other from its fullness. Broadly speaking, everyone feels the need to interact with others. Symbolically, the woman, giving herself through communication and communion, opens in order for the man to answer. This leads to the enhancement of the inner experience, creating an affective tension, a desire that is effervescent  to relate, to merge and which eventually overflows outwardly, expressing itself.
By repressing this natural aspiration will determine, in time, the initial appearance of feelings (weight, pressure, burning, tension, tingling, stabbing, sticking pains) and finally, ovarian cysts (if ultimately will prevail the tendency to conform and inertia).
A woman who has any of these conditions should use it as a signal that she maintains a wrong attitude that represses her feminine energies. The disease is not an enemy to be suppressed or eliminated, but an ally that teaches us to discover our own nature and develop it.
Understanding where she makes mistakes, the woman can redirect energies, mobilizing them upward towards fulfilling her noble aspirations. Once the mistake is corrected, no longer having the sign, the disease disappears.

Article is taken from the book "Fundamentals of Natural Medicine - General Principles" written by Dr. Dorin Dragos and published by Deceneu.



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