How do we treat PMS?

how do we treat pmsPMS is a serious issue which has to be treated accordingly, by focusing the attention on the lifestyle of women maximally. If  a balance between their psycho-emotional states, nutrition, and activities is maintained, accompanied by a specific natural therapy, then the premenstrual symptoms will be eased and treated.
Every woman who has menstruation is confronted by the premenstrual syndrome monthly. Though everything unfolded as usual, immediately before menstruation  the world turns into other colours and everything is perceived in a different way.  Certain symptoms start to appear 2-3 days before menstruation (sometimes even 10 days before), announcing the beginning of menstruation. Though the majority of women got used to these changes in their states, which can be more or less acute, these days seem to become a real calvary in certain cases. States of irritability or states of depression, slowing down mentally, and the lack of motivation for work, inefficiency and discomfort are only a few of the symptoms which appear a couple of days before the menstruation and then usually disappear as the menstruation ends. Despite the fact that modern medicine considers that all these symptoms, which are related to the menstrual cycle of women, are normal, traditional naturist medicine considers that these symptoms are the result of an inner imbalance in women. The cyclic hormonal changes, nourishment, lifestyle as well as the daily stress influences the intensity and the duration of the premenstrual symptoms. The opinion of some advocates of naturism is that these imbalances are correlated with the  different toxins, which were accumulated in the organism and were not eliminated efficiently. Furthermore, they consider that the symptoms of PMS is a real disease.


How does the PMS manifest?
Almost every single woman experienced at least a few annoying symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. According to studies 75 % of women are confronted by the unpleasant symptoms, which appear before the beginning of menstruation. Among these symptoms can be mentioned the following:

⦁ abdominal manifestations: Abdominal (gases) meteorism, constipation, slow digestion;
⦁ psycho-mental manifestations: depression, unjustified episodes of crying, lack of trust, increased irritability, insomnia, rapid mood swing, troubled concentration;
⦁ manifestation at the level of joints: pain in the back, joint pain, edema (inflammation) of the hands and legs;
⦁ manifestation in the sexual sphere: decreased libido, increase in volume associated with pain in the breasts, pain that can become very unpleasant and annoying
⦁ manifestation on the level of the vegetative nervous system: palpitations, hot flashes
⦁ Other symptoms: tiredness, strong desire to consume sweets or other specific types of foods, desire for isolation.


What causes the premenstrual syndrome
The causes of the premenstrual syndrome are complex. Certainly, there are healthy women who are not confronted by the premenstrual syndrome and do not experience any unpleasant sensations or pains associated with the menstruation and the menstrual cycle. Yet, the majority of women manifests diverse symptoms related to the menstrual cycle. Thus, the premenstrual cycle can be looked at and treated as a "disease". It is not something natural, as it is generally considered.
Firstly, the premenstrual syndrome is related to the hormonal changes which are produced in the organism of women during this period. Yet, it is important to notice that a less balanced lifestyle, any type of intemperance (lack of sleep, inconvenient nutrition, prolonged states of tiredness, anger and conflicts) can determine the major hormonal oscillations that influence the menstrual cycle. An extremely challenging lifestyle, changing the natural rhythms of life, as well as increased physical stress can aggravate the symptoms of menstruation, making them more intense, complex and difficult to handle for the modern women.


Image What can be done?
Balance is the keyword. If the woman has a balanced life, then a hormonal balance will also appear. Once the chaotic hormonal oscillations are eliminated it becomes easily possible to balance the premenstrual syndrome.
In such situations some therapists often recommend hormonal therapies (with synthetic hormones) which lead to side effects that are difficult to control. Therefore, many women are scared to employ these therapies. Among the side effects are: increased corporal mass, exaggerated appetite or the disappearance of appetite, but sometimes it can also happen that the whole organism is disturbed. In certain situations hormonal therapy can be necessary, but more often "the natural pharmacy" offers sufficient exceptional remedies for enabling the organism to balance the state of health, thus reaching normality.

In the following we offer a few general recommendations:
- the advice of the psychosomatic doctors is to avoid any kind of prolonged states of anger and emotional states of tension, especially in the case of an abundant menstrual cycle. It was found that more than 70% of the cases of the aggravated menstrual syndrome and hipermenorrea are related to stupid states of spirit that are very intense and contradictory, especially regarding the intimate life!

- it is important to avoid constipation which can amplify the autointoxication, and thus aggravate the premenstrual syndrome.
For this reason increased attention is required to maintain a natural and balanced nutrition that is rich in complex carbohydrates: whole grains in integral bread, cereal, muesli, porridge, made of integral flour, foods rich in fiber from roots, fruits, oleaginous, natural carbohydrates from honey, brown sugar or sweet fruits.
- a nutrition with a content that is decreased in proteins (avoiding meat, eggs, fat cheese, walnuts, ground-nut, mushrooms, yeast), especially in the premenstrual and menstrual period.
- avoiding salt in the food (especially in the premenstrual period - for preventing the appearance of edema white sugar and the products for replacing sugar (it aggravates digestion problems, spoliaza? the organism of mineral and vitamins) that contain caffeine: coffee, chocolate, cacao (increase the grade of psychic irritability and emotional problems), alcohol (increases depression) and tobacco (increases psychic bad-temper ).
- Adequate hydration: drinking at least 2 liters of water daily, thus stimulating the elimination of toxic residual products from the organism (helping in the detoxification process).
- Natural and well-regulated rhythm of life: sleeping, activity, meals, rest
- methods for reducing stress: walks in nature, relaxing music, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga;
- sufficient sleep: 6-8 hours of sleep in the night, with other words, as much as you need in order to feel rested.


Natural remedies indicated for easing the premenstrual syndrome
Natural medicine offers a series of medicinal plants that are used for easing the premenstrual syndrome and balance the hormones of women, with other words, for their state of good health. The most frequently used antipastic plants, emmenagogue, depurative, sedatives, lymphatic discoloration, plants containing phytohormones, diuretics, and those that stimulate digestion. These will be recommended by the phytotherapeutic doctor based on the characteristic typology of a certain woman (it is necessary to consult with an ayurvedic doctor in order to find out which typology one belongs to - SantoRaphael Clinic) Medicinal plant that are frequently used: white willow bark, lady's mantle, white dead nettle, hawthorn, melissa, live nettle, elder, yarrow, rattle, cardamom, caraway, juniper. The plants can be taken sublingually as fine powder (1 gramm 4 times a day), coldly-grinded or tinctures, but only according to the indications of the doctor.
The premenstrual symptoms react well to the natural treatment. Therefore, these natural remedies are indicated in therapy as soon as the first signs of imbalance appear. The feminine problems related to the premenstrual syndrome can be eliminated completely and definitively by leading a more and more balanced and healthy life.


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