Find  the balance in your diet

Find the balance in your dietA natural nutrition creates real wonders.
Do you want to feel  fresh and in shape all the time? Offer yourself moments of deep relaxation everyday. Listen to a peaceful melody and picture images in your mind of your happy future.But also, treasure the value of the present. Things have their own flow; learn how to flow slowly, together with them. Choose in each moment the alternative that keeps you young, beautiful and healthy. Food is a valuable support for a revolutionary life style.
    Have you ever tested a low fat diet, or one without meat? You have probably noticed that it helps you feel more dynamic, more optimistic and in a good mood. If you've never been curious enough to try it, it's worth taking the big step and choose a healthy diet, with lots of vegetables and fruits, and you shall see the difference.


Raw veggies are the best beautician!
Raw food contains certain enzymes and ferments that carry with them the gleam of life and support the vegetative processes within the human body. Enzymes are responsible for cellular metabolism and are much more important than vitamins, which have become famous due to commercials for pharmaceutical products. Vitamins are actually auxiliary substances that carry the enzymes. The more enzymes included in your food, the more resources you have to keep your body fresh and healthy, due to a great reserve for feeding young cells. Thus, you can benefit from a surplus of energy and strength, an increased immunity to diseases, a better functioning of endocrine glands, and painless adjustment of your weight.
    The younger you are, the more enzymes your body has. Year by year their number decreases and you get older. Why let time defeat you? There are easy ways in which you can  keep yourself in shape.
    Here is a secret that can change your life: you can find enzymes in wheatgerm, raw milk, egg yolk, raw green herbs, seed embryos and generally, vegetable and fruit juices. Make a list, glue it on your kitchen wall and use it all the time. Some effort is necessary at first, because you have to let go of certain eating habits. But you will realize it was worth it.
    Raw fruits and vegetables and vegetarian food are in general the best beauty care. Such a diet speeds up the renewal of the cells of the body, the skin becomes elastic again and wrinkles are stopped. We can balance the glandular activity and get rid of dangers such as anorexia or obesity, all with the help of raw fruits and vegetables.


Let's make this experiment.
One month, during which you say good-bye to steaks, salami, sausages and any kind of meat. Yes, fish shall be excluded too. Nevertheless, spiced algae that entice you from supermarket shelves shall be a great and tasty surprise for you. It tastes like fish and is very nourishing; boiled rice or buckwheat are more delicious if you combine them with algae, not to mention the fact that this increases the level of gold in your body.
    During the month make friends with vegetarian meals and recipes. There are plenty of cook books with incredible recipes. After at least one month of keeping a vegetarian diet, you will surely notice amazing effects. The radiance of you skin, your good mood and great health will probably be reasons enough to make you repeat the experiment.
    After one month you may introduce milk products in your diet. But remember that boiling, sterilizing and other methods of preparing food with the help of fire destroys enzymes. The lack of enzymes determines the decreasing of mineral salts, among which are phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron. You have a solution in order to prevent demineralization: drink raw milk, it is rich in calcium.
    Your diet will become thus improved with all the elements necessary to a perfect health. It would be perfect if you gave up meat products for good. Why? Simply because then you would get rid of one of the most effective methods to age in  record time. What do you think, is it worth to pay so dearly for your steaks? If you cannot switch to vegetarian food at once just do it gradually. Good luck!


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