Laughter – the ideal coaching for perfect health

A child laughs about 300 times a day. Adults laugh 20 times less than children.

German psychologist Michael Titz argues that  adult people devote less time to this beneficial activity from 18 to 6 minutes per day in the last half century.
However, many medical psychology books offer laughter therapy, highlighting the quite extraordinary effects.

A new visionary method is "Gesundheit" ("health" in German) promoted by Dr. Patch Adams. It is an innovative method, because it teaches you to be always happy.
Why? Laughter strengthens our immune system considerably. It improves blood pressure, prevents and combats depression and melancholy, insomnia and depression, panic attacks and anxiety (anxiety).

Spectacular effects of laughter have been seen in the chronically ill and those prone to gastritis, constipation, biliary dyskinesia, diabetes, hypertension or cardiac ischemia.

A drug without side effects
Two sessions of ten minutes of laughter a day resulted in a significantly improved health status of the subjects. The most dramatic effect was observed in diabetes.
Following the collective laughter sessions blood glucose levels have reduced and stabilized for long periods. Intensive laughter therapy has even cured some cancers. In some large hospitals in the West, there have been workshops on humor, following with learning some techniques in a comedy group. The result was an increased appetite for life and a significant decrease in the number of relapses, increased confidence, a much better support for chemotherapy, and the recovery period is shorter.
Experts say that this could be used as a treatment to prevent physical and mental illness. Laughter is a very powerful drug, and even when consumed in large quantities has no side effects.
Laughter therapy is available to anyone. Try "grinning and bearing it" and thus become optimistic. Spend more time around funny people . Watch funny things. Play a cute prank on a friend. Laugh together and you'll both benefit. Notice the movie of your life. Refuse to be just an actor. In a difficult emotional situation, become a spectator and it will be easier to smile.

Or simply imagine yourself a few months later, in a moment of happiness and spiritual fulfillment. And now that last situation….. It's really funny, right?


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