8 effective behaviors to combat stress


8 effective behaviors to combat stressStress weakens the immune system
Stress can weaken the immune system and greatly contribute to the development of various diseases. Stress hormones such as cortisol can weaken the immune response. In addition, high levels of cortisol contribute to the development of hypertension, reduce mental function, contribute to the emergence of glucose (sugar) problems in blood and weakens the function of the thyroid gland, among other effects.

When we want to stimulate the immune system and combat stress, most people immediately think at remedies such as herbs, vitamins and a healthy diet. Of course each of them, both separately and together, they are very effective for a healthy life and an optimal immune system.


Efficient behavior that combat stress
Have you thought that there are certain attitudes or behaviors that can give great results? It has been demonstrated repeatedly their effectiveness and recommended to resort to them both to prevent various diseases or disorders, and as a way of life:

1. The Laughter
Laughter and humor help us better deal with the problems of daily life. In addition, they stimulate the production of lymphocytes, reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) and pain threshold, while increasing stress tolerance and the overall feeling of good mood.

2. The Music
There is no need to play well, it s enough just to sing. There are many studies that have shown the positive impact of music on the immune system. So you can sing and listen to music every day to enjoy the pleasant effects that music triggers throughout the body.

3. Physical contact
Hugs, caresses or massage reduce levels of cortisol, while increasing levels of oxytocin - which helps regulate blood pressure, body temperature, cause faster healing of wounds and relieves pain, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Here you have many wonderful reasons to embrace and caress more often your partner, children, loved ones and even pets.

8 effective behaviors to combat stress4. Meditation
Meditation has been studied in recent years and already are know more information about its positive effects. According to one of these studies, in people who have meditated for eight weeks was recorded increased immune response against the influenza virus. Experts say that about 15-20 minutes of meditation a day can greatly help to combat stress and strengthen the immune system.

5. Optimism
A survey conducted by Suzanne Segerstrom of the University of Kentucky, has shown how the immune response can increase when people become more optimistic and how it reduces when the same people become less optimistic. The effect of the product was 0.19. Modest but significant.

To understand its significance, author of the study explained that for example, the effect where a person has taken a drug for hypertension and its reduction is 0.03. And the effect on bone density when taken calcium is 0.08.

Therefore, by comparison, the effect of optimism is quite strong, so it deserves to be adopted for a healthier life.

6. Hydration
Drinking any liquid and drinking water is not the same. Some people almost never do not drink water, but consume soft drinks, coffee, tea or alcoholic beverages, which actually dehydrates the body. Pure water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices (obtained in the home and not the trade) are extremely important for the body to function properly, including brain. Also, proper hydration can prevent many diseases or disorders and can maintain immune function at optimal odds.

7. Movement outdoors
A daily walk of about 10-30 minutes helps boost the immune system, like exercise in general. Exercising helps immune cells circulate throughout the body, thus stimulating blood circulation. Additionally, exercise releases endorphins in the body, so-called happiness molecules, which effectively banish stress, anxiety, tension.

8. Conscious Control
Conscious control of physiological processes can be learned, and the fact of having an open mind and belief that you can directly influence - through beneficial thoughts and emotions - the immune system and body functions, is an important step towards health and relaxation.


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