Techniques for expansion in the present moment

by Aida Calin

Techniques for expansion in the present momentThe wise men speak about the fact that the past and the future do not exist. What exists is only the present. Most people remain attached to something from the past or run after something in the future. Only a few savour the present moment. You can also remember the moments when you were in love and you were together with your beloved one. For sure you can remember those moments now precisely because you were then, totally anchored in the present moment.

If you want to be really successful in everything you aim at, learn to live in the present, to love and to savour the Present.


Find your own oasis of silence
An efficient method to deepen the experience of the present moment is any kind of meditation. If you do not know yet how to meditate, it is useful to know that a basic condition is not to let your mind wander around and if it does so, not to pay attention to the thoughts. You should focus on what you are experiencing, on what you are feeling.
You may choose to stay at home and look at the sky or to go alone for a walk in the park and sit for half an hour at the shadow of a tree. Enjoy what you are watching…each leaf from the tree or each fluffy cloud in the sky.
Even if, at the beginning, all kind of thoughts come to your mind and divert your attention from the present moment, you should persevere. Maybe you will not have a special state of mind right from the beginning, but if you will succeed in maintaining your mind in the present moment, even if only for a few moments, you will feel happiness flooding slowly but surely into your being. Do this every day, at least for a week.
You may also choose that each morning, after you have washed yourself, to go out on the balcony or open the window and ... enter a state of dreaming. Do not think about the things you have done, your worries or the joys that you expect. Just simply be there: watch the sunrise, enjoy the freshness of the morning, breathe in deeply the fresh air of the dawn and fill yourself with wonder while admiring everything that surrounds you.  
Let this technique be your daily ritual and it will be an oasis of silence for you.


Explore your senses
The activation of the senses brings the mind spontaneously into the present. Its roaming through the past and the future is interrupted. Thus, a way to come back into the present is a musical audition. A beautiful, slow song will slow down the rhythm of your thoughts. The Gregorian chants, the compositions of the great classics will induce in you a certain resonance.

In the spiritual traditions the practice of ringing a bell is often used during ceremonies and meditation periods. A bell with a good resonance will prolong the tone a long time after you have made it vibrate – and thus it expands the moment and dilates the instant. It is a lasting and generous sound that helps us prolong at maximum the duration of our power of focusing on the HERE and NOW.   

The spiritual practices use also frankincense. A strong smell has also the capacity to expand the present moment. We have all had this experience, a smell which gives us a feeling of deja-vu, and we suddenly remember an event from the past just by smelling the same perfume.
You can use whatever volatile oil that you prefer, the perfumed incense will bring you in the present moment and will fill you with joy. In a similar way also massage techniques, caresses,  slight soft touches – bring us immediately into the present.

Life is meant to be lived HERE and NOW
Coming back to the present can be helped a lot by performing daily rituals,  individual and the couple rituals, in a conscious manner. The conscious rituals in a couple sustain us to experience the present moment and to enjoy a lasting state of harmony: the morning or the evening kiss, a half an hour of quiet conversation after supper, washing together the dishes after each meal, the Sunday walk, the spiritual exercises done together in mutual agreement.  Individual boredom or the boredom in a relationship comes out from the rhythm of monotony, from a routine that slips stealthily in the texture of every day. The first measure is to change the rhythm – accelerating or slowing down the events and living them at maximum intensity. When we give them significance, even the smallest and insignificant things and gestures acquire a special brightness and bring us joy.

The ancient wisdom says that life is meant to be lived NOW. Some of us have forgotten this teaching. If we miss the present, we fail in life. Let your past go away without coming back to it and leave the future in God’s hands. Yet, the present is in your hands. Live it at maximum intensity HERE and NOW.


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