Sexuality, the source of well-being and happiness, offers access to the Divine Conscience. As long as it implies love and mutual respect, the sexual relationship allows us to get out of ourselves through a state of total abandonment and total communion with the other. This experience becomes mysterious in this way, it purifies and revitalizes the being on all levels, from the physical one to the most subtle ones.”.
Anne Givaudan


An active and fulfilling sexual life is the basis of a happy and enduring couple relationship. Sexuality always makes the difference between friends and lovers. The art of love teaches you how to sparkle the flame of passion and to maintain it. Leave the inhibitions and prejudices behind. Enjoy the savory of the elevated sexuality!


Her secrets His secrets pentru El

Her secrets

His secrets


Did you know that you had secrets that not even you know fully? Sexuality is a labyrinth in which it is good to know exactly your way. To know what you like and what makes you happy means to know to show it to him as well and to discover together the savory of a sublime sexuality.

Men also have their secrets. But it is nice to know them, too! What attracts him, what enchants him, what makes him feel a man. It is good to know how to touch the 'sensitive spots' of his body and soul. Your knowledgeable touches will open him and make him love you forever.

Tantra is the path of ecstasy, a path based on the mystical experience of the game and not on rigid dogmas. Tantrics enjoy life entirely and learn to discover the divine spark inside the human being. They use their senses, their mind and spirit to reach mystical heights. Thus the lovemaking becomes sacred, a real cult, an adoration. It is a gift full of love from the life.