The clitoris ... to know how to caress it

The clitoris ... to know how to caress itSome women do not know themselves well enough. Others are afraid or ashamed to awaken outbreaks of pleasure. These women do not have the courage to reveal their feminine secrets and to whisper them to their loved ones, though there is nothing shameful, unnatural and there is nothing unusual for a woman to live fully within their own sexuality.


Where is the sensitive point?
Every woman has an unique intimate anatomy and also a distinct sensitivity that distinguishes her from other women. Therefore, there is no fixed recipes for female pleasure peaks, but only indicative milestones.

As indicated by different women, the activation point of clitoral pleasure is on a case by case basis: the top of the glands, which is the edge of the dihedron who represents the hood; in the area near the clitoris, and in this case the finger will be placed between the hood and the outer lips (labia majora); under the clitoris, in this case the finger will be placed between the glands and the urethral orifice; circular, round the glans - the finger will have to make a circular motion around the glans.

When erotic arousal does not appear immediately, it means that there is always a small distance between the precise point of excitement and the spot which is desired by women to be touched, because direct contact with the clitoris can cause irritation and even pain. Thus it is preferable to caress the clitoris not by direct contact but through the hood or through the labia majora, causing them to touch and slide the clitoris.

The clitoris generally prefers to be stimulated by a broader movement, thus the caress is sweeter and not strictly localized. And of course, his surface must be lubricated by the nectar of love, the sexual fluids of lubrication, and if they are not abundant, you can use natural oils with aphrodisiac effect.


Helped to discover it
To investigate the clitoris leisurely, the man must have a convenient viewing angle. With the Woman's thighs wide open, fingers should gently part the outer lips from one another. Thus it can be seen that the top of the genital area, lips merge into a double fold in the shape of a mantle cap. This is the hood of the clitoris. This hood must be pulled with a very slight movement upwards, revealing a prominent ruby having the size of a currant berry: this is the clitoris.

When the clitoris is very developed or when is well excited, you can clearly feel the little spherical extremity - the glands - situated on an area who rolls over when touched by the finger - the body or the tail. When the woman explores this place, it shall produce a delicious feeling. The man will generate an intense pleasure to his beloved by caressing this area. She can guide his beloved through this journey with voice, gesture, gaze ...


Learn to caress  it- Techniques
The difficulty of knowing how to caress the clitoris comes from the contrast between the stimulation of the penis, which usually must be strong, broad and energetic and the delicate touches, nuanced, that must be made on the clitoris, related to experiences that man is not usually accustomed to . Another difficulty is given by the variety of areas that generate pleasure, by movement and rhythm needed. No two women are alike in this respect. The pleasure spots,  pressure,  movement and rhythm can be discovered through probing, depending on the woman's reaction: breathing, sounds, moaning, words, movements, which all show the intensity of pleasure she felt  or rather, the lack of it or even discomfort produced .

If a woman has discovered precisely through self-stimulation the pleasure spots and ways to wake them up, she can easily guide the man showing him, and then he will only need  to imitate her. She should not hesitate and may even take the hand of her lover and give it the movement and rhythm she wants. This is how to say and do, and this game in two deserves to be taught as good as possible.

The spot of pleasure can be approached from different angles, each woman having preference for either glands or for the terminal side or for the body of the clitoris. Its place is very precise, occupying a few millimeters, and the stimulation outside this tiny epicenter will not have the desired effect. This place is  best to be discovered by women through self-stimulation, and if she does not reveal it to her lover, he will have to discover it, by playing gently and carefully with the  tip of his finger  on these little puzzling areas of the clitoris.


clitorisWith a finger
The forefinger : although classic, is not the most suitable.
The middle finger : is preferred because its position allows a better alignment of the hand on the vulva shaft, with palm on the Mount of Venus. Index finger and ring finger remain free and symmetrically caress the nymphs and the internal face of the labia majora.
The thumb is directed to base, on the clitoral region. The other fingers are on the pubic area.


With more fingers
Forefinger and middle finger: each finger is placed on each exterior side of the clitoris.

Forefinger, middle and ring finger: forefinger and ring finger are on the external side of the clitoris and the middle on the edge of the hood.

Right forefinger and left forefinger: rub up and down the hood and the clitoris as if they are rubbing an ear of wheat, but gently.

The four fingers: the two central fingers (middle and ring finger)  rub the hood and the clit and the two lateral fingers (forefinger and little finger) are on the nymphs.

Thumb and forefinger (or middle and ring finger) grab gently the hood and the clitoris and caress them.


With hand
With palm: its fleshy face is passing over the clitoral area.

With the entire palm
The palm and the palming face of fingers are touching the clitoris flying. The optimal pressure varies from women to women, from easy to powerful, however should not be "overwhelmed". If she made herself sometimes forceful actions upon it, most times she does them tightening the hips. When a lover stimulates her, he begins with a slight pressure that is gradually increased. As the pleasure increases and orgasm is approaching, he will keep up the rhythm until the woman will ask for "mercy".

The most appreciated movement by women is a circular motion; fingers rotate in small circles around her clit. To move the finger should not lift it up from the point of application as lubricants secreted by the hood will allow sliding movements.

Here, schematically, other possible moves:
• movements of come-and-go on the vulva axle.

• slight pressure on the clitoris along the hood between thumb and forefinger the fingers will gently roll the erectile body.

• slight self-stimulation of the clitoris between two fingers, thumb and index or middle and index.

• Crosswise rolling on fingers: The best rhythm will be impose by the woman, what is important is the consistency. Some women, however, prefer caress in crescendo, slow at first, and gradually accelerating as the pleasure increases to become sufficient when triggers orgasm.

The rhythm should be regularly maintained ceaselessly in order to provide better excitation and determining the woman to reach the heights of pleasure. Constant rate of rhythm provides a growth of stimulation and excitement arousal. Any change of pressure, movement, tempo, is threatening to cause a decrease of excitation level. Do not change the hand or the hand position.

The duration of clitoral caress is the one required by woman. Caressing will not stop before the woman asks for and also will not to be suspended when she's having orgasm. Thus, the clitoris retracts and conceals. The lover must keep reaching clitoris, without reducing the pressure, not losing contact with the clitoris neither slowing down. The combination of caress and kisses focused on other accessible parts of the body (lips, breasts, etc.) will increase the pleasure.


Why is the clitoris so sensitive?
The clitoris gland is the visible and perceptible edge of a vast and complex erectile whole which, for the most part, is inside the woman's body. The tail, the two corpora cavernosa and vestibular bulbs are, in their turn, in conjunction with vaginal plexus. The visible part of the clitoris is only 4% of all the erectile system.

During arousal of excitation, the erogenous system fills with blood that creates redness and swelling of the clitoris and labia majora, and also of the  vestibular area. Through touch can be seen the fineness of these tissues. Thus, overall, the blood supply to the clitoris is richer than that of the penis, but while penile erection is spectacular, the  is performed when women mostly inside his body. The clitoris is only the emergent part of the iceberg of pleasure. He is an organ of such sensitivity and efficiency, we can say, without equal.

The clitoris owes its extraordinary erogenous sensitivity  to its extremely fine structure. The considerable venation of clitoris allows it an intense congestion and a incomparable abundance of innervation confers it  an  "explosive" sensitivity thanks to, especially,  the abundance of voluptuousness receptors in this area . Consisting of a erectile body and an area replete with pleasure receptors , the clitoris is a true symbol of eroticism.

The clitoris owns an incomparable special acuity, so the sensations generated here can easily turn into voluptuous passion. Being so delicate, it is not recommended to perceive a direct clitoral stimulation, but to realize peripheral caresses by an "allusive" touching.

A direct contact with the clitoris will always be incandescent, which made it to be often compared with a true live explosive.



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