The Overwhelming Beatific Orgasm


the overwhelming beatific orgasmWake up the sensuality without borders
The sexuality is an area of a great interest for everybody. Mostly we can hear people speaking of the unique orgasm, localized at the genital level, which is on a regular basis short and unfulfilling. But intense estates of orgasm can be lived at the level of the entire body, like a beatific veiling of pleasure without borders that can be maintained more or less time, depending in the erotic and sensual awakening of each woman.
The orgasms of the whole body are so intense that you can’t even tell when one is over and the next is coming again. The waves of pleasure that you experience come one after another with an intensity increasingly higher. It’s like a carrousel in which you enjoy the wonderful and extremely strong sensations. The laboratory researches of Hartman and Fithian suggest the fact that man and women can have localized orgasms but also expanded and continuous orgasms which can go through the entire body.


Fully enjoy your sexual energy
In the total energy orgasm appears a higher orgasmic experience and then the orgasm expand. It’s immediately followed by another orgasm which can be even more intense or more profound than the previous. In this case the orgasmic estate includes every cell of the body and lasts for longer period of time. 
If you amplify and fully enjoy your sexual energy by practicing sexual continence, you have all the chances to experience the energy orgasm of the entire body. Hartman and Fithian registered this two different types of orgasm, by following the cardiac rhythm, in which the discrete multiple orgasms came back at baseline(about 70 beats per minute) between orgasms.
In the multiple continuous orgasms which transform into energy orgasm of the whole body, the cardiac rhythm reached a number of peaks, without going back at baseline between them. This kind of orgasms are more discrete and continuous and can be combined in order to realize countless combinations of heights of pleasure.


How to get on top of sexual pleasure
If you want to get to the total energy orgasm the most important thing is to relax and take it slowly. Enjoy every sensation, every moment of pleasure and delight. You deserve all the pleasure in the world because you deserve to be happy.   
Maybe you were tolled as a child that the sexual pleasure is a sin or something shameful. Remember all this moments and ideas that you still have inside your mind and blocks you to manifest freely your sexuality. Project now this ideas or memories that appeared to you on a blank blackboard on the screen of your mind. Then take a sponge and erase all this images without any rush.

Once with them you will erase your mind prejudices, inhibitions and the sexual blockages that you have accepted without wanting because you didn’t know what to do to avoid them. Make sure you erased everything that kept you blocked and limited you to fully manifest yourself on a sexual level.  

After you convinced yourself and felt with your whole being that you fully deserve to be happy, make sure you have enough time to make love leisurely. Forget about your problems, forget about the world and stay shrouded with your lover in the delicious space of your love. 
Now it’s necessary for me to tell you that in order to reach the total energy orgasm you need to connect yourself to love. Only by loving you can expand to infinity. If you make only sex than it’s possible to experience only the localised sensations at the genital level. To go from sex to the sexual ecstasy you need to jumb on the trampoline love.
Now that you’ve opened you heart the time has come to learn how to expand the pleasure and once with this the energy in your entire body. Help yourself by breathing. While you make love, start to breathe consciously. With every breath view how you expand more and more. You expand and embrace in your consciousness more and more until you embrace the whole body then your beloved. 

If you continue you can have exceptional extrasensory experiences because you can include in your conscience planets and universes. The pleasure that you feel is refined, bright and discrete. This intensity can be higher or lower depending on your vital energy and your capacity of awakening the profound eroticism of your being.


the overwhelming beatific orgasmThe sexual ecstasy is accessible
People say that there are no frigid women. This is a great truth. Each healthy woman can reach the peaks of her own eroticism. If she can fall off what everybody knows as being sex and heads to a spiritual and sacred dimension, if she relaxes and connect herself to the feminine universal energies she can obtain sexual heights and sacred sexual ecstasy. 

Relax. Enjoy the love. Load up yourself with energy and see your life in a positive and beneficial way. Enjoy your femininity and give up your fears and bottlenecks. Love and do what you want! You will feel that once with the orgasms that you live you become a river full of energy that invades the universe. It’s the energy of life that you feel in every cell. The blessing of the divine presence reveals itself to you now as being HERE and NOW permanently quiet and mysterious.
You left from sex and you arrived to superconscious. Promise yourself to give up sex and always choose to make love. Just this road in which you give up this compromise of making sex as a request of physiological limited needs will lead you on the land of infinity possibilities, sacred.. 


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