Who is sexy? Yes, you are!


who is sexy? yes, you are!Discover the sensuality of your being
Want to see a sexy woman? Look in the mirror! Exactly, simply look in the mirror.

Maybe it's hard to see yourself as sexy, appealing, fascinating, especially when you're overwhelmed by daily chores, household and professional responsibilities. But watch yourself carefully. Discover the sensuality of your being. Let it come out to let you fully enjoy it.

Really accept your own body, erotic impulses, emotions and thoughts related to sexuality. Only by fully accepting your own eroticism you can enjoy the most of it. Step into life and within the couple next to your boyfriend as a sensual lucid woman, conscious of your own sexuality.


Cultivate your five senses
Enjoy the sensations provided to you by the five senses. Enjoy the scent of a flower. Or better the body smell of your lover when you make love.

Enjoy the taste of a sweet and juicy fruit. Or better taste the delicious lips of your lover when you kiss.

Enjoy a magnificent landscape, a sunset, a meadow full of flowers, the first snow of winter. Or better the nude body of your lover. Maybe it's not quite like a supermodel, but certainly is something you like to his body. Let your eyes to enjoy his body.

Enjoy the tender breeze of the wind, the sensual touching of the water when you shower, the touching of a fine silk scarf. Or even better enjoy every tender touch of your lover. Do not think it's not the right time and place, that you hurry to go to work or that children/parents/guests are in the next room, but abandon yourself at least for a moment and live with your whole being his tender touch. Do not think that he is not an expert in massage, but rejoice that he caresses you with love.

Enjoy the sounds of a harmonious and sensual music, the sound of rain, the birdsong. Or better of the love whispers of your lover.

Cultivate your senses. This will help you discover your own sensuality.


who is sexy? yes you are!Know and love your body
How well do you know your own body? You know exactly what you enjoy? Knowing your body means to love, to respect and understand its capacity to give and receive pleasure.

The fact of having negative feelings about your body can put a serious barrier in living pleasure. On the other hand if you do not love your body you might think nor others will consider you attractive, sexy. You might think that your boyfriend does not like you entirely as you are. This might inhibit your ability to abandon yourself during lovemaking and living pleasure.

Love your body as it is. Appreciate the harmonious, beautiful parts of it. If you want to shape your body do it with love. A loved body is sexier. Did you ever notice how some women emanate sensuality though their bodies are not perfect.


Trust your own sensuality!
The main obstacle that prevents us from fully expressing eroticism is our own mind that convinces us that we are not sufficiently attractive or sensual.

If you are in this situation says STOP your mind and begin to strengthen your confidence in yourself as a woman and in your own sexuality.

When you believe in yourself as a sensuous woman you feel much freer, more fascinating, more full of life. And the others will notice it too.


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