How to always be beautiful, how to be yourself

cum sa fii mereu frumoasaI want to be beautiful!
The great majority of little girls, teenagers and adult women tell themselves at least from time to time: 'I want to be beautiful'. The way we perceive beauty can depend to age or culture. Despite any differences, beauty remains a more or less conscious aspiration of all women. This pursue of happiness created a gigantic industry of cosmetics, clothes and accessories for women. Beauty means, of course, the perfection of the body, its sweet contours, but the real glow of everlasting beauty comes from inside.


Be also beautiful in your soul
It is important to pay attention to the physical harmony and to the harmony of the soul, as well. Luckily, there are seductive women who enchant you through their sincerity, easiness and their wakeful heart. The joy of living, the self confidence and their ability to abandon themselves made these women beautiful, disregard of their age or social status. This is the ideal of a perfect woman, this is the Eternal Feminine, about which Goethe said it 'pulls us upwards'.
She who discovers the essential mystery of her own femininity gets access to an endless spiritual force, through which she can become a beneficial source of vitality, sensuality, intuition, beauty, gentleness, wisdom and beatitude.


You can be as beautiful as you wish
Perhaps you have previously read this or you have been told before that you become what you think. It is true. You can use this to obtain the beauty and feminine charm you desire. Besides, it is good to know that admiration holds a magic power. Everyone could feel that when being admired. Is it not true that when someone admires you sincerely you feel very beautiful?
But admiration also has another magical power: when you sincerely admire someone, you can duplicate in your being the qualities of that person, because through admiration your mind and your emotions attract those aspects towards you, just like a magnet.


I suggest to you an exercise:
-take a pen and a paper and write down three feminine qualities that you most admire at your close friends.
-pick one of this charming traits and next identify the situations or moments in which you manifest it yourself. If you cannot identify such moments, imagine how would you be when manifesting that quality, open your soul and let yourself, for the beginning, manifest that quality in your imagination.
In time, you will notice that you can express that quality whenever you want. You will have concrete evidence that your force of attraction increases and you become an irresistible force of feminine mystery. You can repeat this exercise in the following weeks, picking another quality each time. You'll see: you will become more and more beautiful, on the inside and on the outside, too!


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