Aphrodisiacs for men (I)

aphrodisiacs for menWhat are aphrodisiacs?
Aphrodisiacs are products or practical modalities that awaken sensuality and stimulate the erotic experiences. The term of aphrodisiacs comes from the name of the Greek love goddess Aphrodite.
There is a very large range of natural aphrodisiacs that are renowned to induce a burning passion, heightening the sexuality to the rank of art.
The five senses: smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing are very close connected to the sexual function. Stimulating them adequately arouses the sexual appetite and amplifies the amorous experiences.


Olfactory aphrodisiacs
Smell plays a very important role in arousing sexual desire. For example, when you make love, you can have your eyes closed, you may not hear anything and yet you can feel the smell of your lover.
In all times and all over the world, people have concerned themselves a lot with pleasant smells. They have prepared all kinds of perfumed oils and have used for this purpose aromatic plants with aphrodisiac effects.
Certain volatile oils or natural essences arouse the amorous desire and stimulate the senses. They can be used for the aromatization of a room, for perfuming the bed clothes, you can put them in the massage oils or in the bath tub.
Choose a volatile oil (or a combination of volatile oils) that both you and your lover like and create an appealing environment from the olfactory point of view in the room where you are about to make love. Use for this a sprayer and an aromatherapy lamp. You may pour a few drops of volatile oil also on the bed clothes.
Here are in the following a few volatile oils and their aphrodisiac properties:
aphrodisiacs for men• Patchouli volatile oil
It is a special oil, with a very persistent aroma. In India, the women used it in order to arouse their lover’s amorous desire and passion. It is a very powerful nervous stimulus and a notable aphrodisiac.
• Ylang-ylang volatile oil
It has a voluptuous and exotic smell. The effect of this aroma on the psychic is simply miraculous: calms down the anger that is generated by frustration. It has an euphoric, sedative, hypotensive action and is indicated in the case of anxiety states, tension and high blood pressure. It is an excellent aphrodisiac and can be used in the treatment of impotence.
• Rose volatile oil
It is renown as a stimulus of love, tenderness and amorous desire.
• Basil volatile oil
The leaves of basil are heart-shaped. Because of this reason and because of  its aphrodisiac properties, it is considered by the Italians a symbol of love.
• Wild jasmine volatile oil
It has a very pleasant smell. It acts first of all at emotional level, having effect on the psychical sensuality. It excites the imagination, relaxes the body. Thanks to this effect and also to the pronounced effect in the emotional sphere, jasmine is an immense gift in treating impotence. It acts on the male sexual organs, warming them up and fortifying them.
You can use also other volatile oils: musk, ambrosia, santal, bergamot, juniper, frank incense etc. Depending on the compatibilities between them, they can be combined and thus obtain a more complex aroma, very appealing for … making love.


Gustative aphrodisiacs
Many kinds of delicious dishes can be prepared in such a way so as to arouse amorous desire and amplify sexual dynamism. Natural, healthy, tasty food (ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet) and a harmonious style of life are very efficient aphrodisiacs.
According to the opinion of an Arabian author, Omar Heleby, the list of aphrodisiac foodstuffs includes: yolk of egg, carrots, asparagus, anise, pistachios, spices, different kinds of mushrooms and garlic.
Chinese tradition recommends as aphrodisiacs the following foodstuffs: asparagus, spinach, lettuce, celery, mushrooms, bamboo bars and sugar melon.
A strong aphrodisiac and vitalizing effect have the bee products: honey, pollen, royal jelly and virgin wax.
Allan Hull Walton says that the list of the aphrodisiac foodstuffs is so large, that any gifted cook will prepare such meals, even without knowing that they are aphrodisiac.
In the following we offer you some energizing and aphrodisiac recipes:
•  Energizing mix
In order to obtain a powerfully energizing mix, you should mix 3 spoons of raw stripped pumpkin seeds with powder of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. You add then 3 spoons of raisins. This mixture is very rich in zinc, iron, proteins and vitamin F. It has a powerful aphrodisiac effect.
Pine apple salad with figs and cinnamon
You shell the pine apple and cut it in small cubes. Then add the finely cut figs, the cinnamon powder and honey as much as you want. You can add also chopped almonds (that have been previously softened in water for a few hours and peeled off). All these ingredients can be mixed with drinking water thus obtaining a delicious aphrodisiac nectar.
The pine apple is used for increasing sexual potency. It contains quite a large quantity of carbohydrates, vitamins A, C and some vitamins from the B complex. The figs hide a very precious mystery: they arouse and maintain the fire of passion, increase appetite and sexual vitality.
•  “Tray with red-hot coals”
Here is a very energizing recipe. You mix a cup of honey with 50 g of butter and 2 cups of chopped or milled walnuts. Then you add aphrodisiac spices: cinnamon, mint, cloves.
aphrodisiacs for men Celery salad
Shelled celery is grated through the big wholes. Add virgin olive oil, lemon juice, savory and pepper. You can add also carrots and/or parsley root.
The dishes with celery are considered powerfully exciting. The celery is useful in cases of overexertion, asthenia, nervousness, demineralization, obesity, impotency. Amplifies virility.
  Celery juice
Celery juice is a very powerful refresher. It amplifies potency. It can be obtained very easily with the help of a juice squeezer. You can spice it with black pepper and savory.
  Mayonnaise with garlic
You prepare mayonnaise from the yolk of an egg and olive oil. In the end you add a bit of lemon juice and 3-5 crushed cloves of garlic.  This mayonnaise can be added to root salads (celery, carrots, parsley).
•  Mint lemonade
You prepare a lemonade from 2-3 lemons, drinking water and honey, according to your taste. Then you add fresh mint leaves (or powder made of dried leaves). This drink has a refreshing effect and brings your vigor back.
•  Aphrodisiac spices
Spices are used for flavoring the dishes, but most of them have also an aphrodisiac effect.
·    Hot pepper – the smaller it is, the more aphrodisiac effect it has.
·    Savory is one of the most appreciated aphrodisiac spices.
·    Coriander is used as whole fruits or milled. You can use also its fresh leaves. It is an aphrodisiac that is recommended especially for men.
·    Mint has been used as aphrodisiac stimulant for a long time. It gives a very pleasant flavor to salads and fruit juices. It is desirable to be consumed fresh ( the leaves), but it is delicious and efficient also dried (leaves powder).
·    Black pepper and long pepper is used for flavoring different cooked dishes and in vegetables salads. Chocolate with pepper amplifies passion.
·    Cayenne pepper is actually the powder of a small and very hot pepper. It is used in combination with black pepper, completing its flavor.
·    Cinnamon is one of the most used aphrodisiac spices. It has an exciting effect.
(to be continued)


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