Aphrodisiacs for men (II)

aphrodisiacs for menVisual aphrodisiacs
We get to know the world around us especially through the sense of sight. Approximately 90% of the information about the exterior environment we get through the physical sight. Also the creative imagination “projects” often on the screen of our mind visual images.

The image of the nude body of a beautiful and harmonious woman is a well known male aphrodisiac.
If you want to integrate the eros as a fulfilling part of your life in a couple or even as an art, a certain mastery in visual erotic stimulation is yet necessary. You must avoid impulsive and irrational sensorial excitements and to cultivate a transfiguring way of looking at the nudity of a woman or at the erotic art. You should aspire to discover beauty and the refined aspects of eros.
It is said that seeing frequently the nude body of the beloved one can inhibit sexual desire. However, discovering with love and esthetic sense, with a continuous curiosity (as if it were for the first time), the different parts of the body of your lover is very aphrodisiac. Dare to do this and the results will convince you of this.
Even if the body of your lover is not perfect (according to your ideal), even if it is not any more as it was when she was 20 years old or before she gave birth to your two children, for certain her body is endowed with a beauty that is unique. Discover her beauty: the beauty of her eyes, lips, thighs, breasts, nipples, the delicate line of her neck, the roundness of her shoulders, her waist, her vulva.
Look at her as an artist would do it when he wants to paint a painting of her. Aspire to discover her beauty. Enjoy it. Remember that beauty is in the eyes of the observer and … in the eyes of the man who loves.
Amorous appetite can be aroused a lot through inspired and refined erotic art. Nowadays there are very many erotic movies, photographs, video clips and paintings. You should select from all these the ones that are the most beautiful and most refined. We do not recommend you the pornographic magazines and movies, because they promote the eros in a vulgar, perverse manner, lacking love and thus they  awaken animal instincts and not a refined erotic desire doubled by love.
If your lover is open, you may watch together refined erotic video clips and movies – the aphrodisiac effect will be amplified. You can let yourselves be inspired by them in order to diversify the amorous postures you experiment in your intimacy.


aphrodisiacs for menTactile aphrodisiacs
Touch and erotic massage are a living expression of sensuality. If you like to be touched and if sensual touches excite you, ask your lover to gratify you with an erotic massage before you make love.

She does not have to be a massage specialist. It is enough for her to massage you with love and sensuality. You can guide her with much tenderness. Tell her where and how you like the most to be caressed. Tell her when you would like her touch to be more gentle or when the sliding of her hands on your body should be more dynamic or firmer. Each type of movements during a massage gives different sensations, some relax the body, some tone it up, some excite very intensely …

Besides the very pleasant and exciting tactile sensations, that massage offers, it has a remarkable relaxing effect. I eliminates tensions and anxiety, which favors the erection and the capacity to control sexual energy.

Erotic massage is done in a tender and delicate manner on the entire body, culminating with the sensual massage of the sexual organ. In the end of the erotic massage you should caress again delicately the entire body for the harmonization of the energies.

But be careful to remember to gratify also your beloved one with an erotic massage next time before you make love. Her state of amorous effervescence generated by the massage will be another very special aphrodisiac for you.


Auditory aphrodisiacs
Sounds produce physiologic effects that have been scientifically studied. Depending on their intensity or their modulation, sounds can be calming or exciting. Excessive noise influences unfavorably sexual dynamic. Feed your auditory sense with harmonious sounds.

The voice of your lover and her pleasure moans during your amorous play are aphrodisiac for any man who is in love.

Pleasant, harmonious music is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, influencing considerably the libido and generating very nuanced erotic experiences. Choose and use during your amorous play a music that is very pleasant and stimulating for both you and your lover. The music can have predominantly affective, sensual or passionate tones.

When you make love, never use rock, heavy, pop or jazz music – such kinds of music do not generate pleasant states of intimacy, love and sensuality, but they have a perturbing effect at psycho-emotional level.

Very adequate is the music that combines sounds from nature and also the beautiful tangos (the instrumental ones, without voice).


Love is the most powerful aphrodisiac
Love is the one that makes the people search for their pair and to fulfill his/her dreams. Loves gives rise to the mysterious aspiration of self-knowledge and also of knowing more and more profoundly the being of your lover.

Love is an ineffable and overwhelming feeling, that makes our life beautiful. Love makes us feel the joy of giving and self giving to our beloved one. It awakens the desire to fuse one with the other and to make love.


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