„You are not born a woman, but you become one”
Simone de Beauvoir
„The woman, fascinating in her beauty, incarnates the mystery of the Creation and also the mystery of the Being, of all that is and becomes, of all that gives birth and is reborn.”
Mircea Eliade

The woman is a mirror of the Eternal Femininity. Know yourself and all the mysteries of the Universe will be revealed to you. Understand profoundly what it means to be a woman, what makes you different from the masculine nature, what makes you unique and special. Make the step from the ordinary to extraordinary! Enjoy being a woman! Afterward, discover your inner goddess!


feminitate fii fericita frumusete autocunoastere


Be happy



When you say femininity, you say inner and exterior beauty, love, delicacy, sensitivity, grace, playfulness, spontaneity, devotion, purity, refinement, sensuality and many others...

Many of us look for happiness somewhere outside of us. In fact, happiness is always in our hands. Choose happiness and in this way happiness will choose you.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way. It is up to you to discover your specific beauty and to show it to the others. As beautiful as you feel, so will the others see you.

Come and enter your soul, access your potentialities, place yourself in the spotlight. Know your personal charm and share it with the ones you love.


femei care te inspira      

 Women that inspire us


Some women emanate so powerfully the beauty of their soul that their presence cannot be ignored. They make us think that it is possible to accomplish the manifestation of femininity or at least some of its facets...