„When you write about women, you must soak your paintbrush in the colors of the rainbow and sift the lines with dust from the butterflies' wings.” Denis Diderot

Have you ever wondered what does femininity really mean? When you say femininity, you say inner and exterior beauty, love, delicacy, sensitivity, grace, playfulness, spontaneity, devotion, purity, refinement, sensuality and many others; in other words, a whole inner beauty awaiting to be deciphered and revealed.



5 Golden Rules of friendship between women

What a miracle to have a true woman girlfriend! Before which to put your soul on a plate and not be afraid that she makes it a "stew". Where can you find her?



Woman’s dignity

I want to talk to you about dignity because I believe this quality is very important for all women! Unfortunately some of us have forgotten how it feels like being a dignified woman. But we can learn again this thing.


Exercitii de feminitate

Exercises for our State of Femininity 3

Today is a special day, with a special femininity exercise. I propose you to write a letter in which you express your gratitude for being alive, for everything that is good, very good or less good in your life now.


Oare... ştii ce eşti?

Do you wander … who you are ?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at you. Where are you coming from? Why do you exist? What is unique and unrepeatable in you? What can you give? What are you here for?



Archetypes are the keys to your soul ( II )

Archetypes are energetic imprints that exist in our psyche from birth. They act as an organizing principle of everything we see or experience from childhood.


Archetypes are the keys to your soul ( I)

No matter which category you fit, accept your body structure that is stated in your genetic code. This hidden influence, which we receive from birth, was called in psychology "archetype".


exercitii de feminitate

Exercises for our State of Femininity 2

Women are by their nature meant to flourish together like the flowers in a garden flourish together, although each of them has its own smell. It’s easiest for women to be inspired and pushed on towards better by other women who have managed to make goodness lighten their lives.


esti si tu superwomen

Are you also a Superwoman ?

There are women who are at the same time powerful and also sensitive, sustain their family and make a career, are always beautiful and well-groomed, fascinate and give love to everybody around them.


Why make an art out of femininity ?

It is a secret of life discovered by practice then when you assume your role of Woman full of grace and love, quite many of the problems that you used to be confronted with, simply begin to disappear.


acces la propria feminitate

How to have permanent access to your own femininity

How many women ask themselves this question at least once in their lifetime and are really preoccupied to discover their own femininity in all its beauty and complexity?