Exercises for our State of Femininity 1

exercitii de feminitateMy Dear Women,
In the coming weeks I suggest that we will put together a series of exercises which will help us to get in contact with our feminine soul and express ourselves as women, by becoming aware of our qualities, of the flavour that our feminine manifestation brings to our lives, of our desires and what we are able to create in our lives.
I know that for many of us "an exercise for our state of femininity" is to practice walking on high heels and to style ourselves in front of the mirror, because this is what we think about when it comes to being feminine. I suggest, as an alternative to this approach, a series of simple actions aimed at our inner discovery, having  effects on enhancing  femininity, by identifying the more or less hidden beneficial desires, by unleashing the inner freedom, by increasing the lust for life, by increasing our love and our beauty etc.,and that we can perform in unison, for "where there are many women the feminine power increases" :)and the effects are showing up faster.
You will find that many beneficial changes will occur in your life without a considerable effort, by investing 10-15 minutes a day just for your soul.
I suggest you will use a new notebook for these exercises , one that you feel  represents you, with a beautiful cover, scented pages, on which you can stick on  images yourself that speak about your soul, your dreams and your desires.


Exercise – The Femininity Diary
Probably you do not have this nice notebook available at  the moment; therefore the first exercise is for you to find such a notebook, which will be a mirror of your feminine soul. There is no need for you to have this right away and there is no need for you to rush; you just need to start thinking of it and offer to  your heart this desire of finding this perfect notebook, so it will come to you as soon as possible. You will see that this will happen exactly like you envisaged it and soon you will find somewhere, as if by chance, this perfect notebook, on the shelves of a bookstore or even among your old things ... or maybe your hands areskilled enough to simply create it, if various ideas and beautiful inspirations will come to you.
For example, I remember once, by using a stapler and a red silk ribbons, I tied together several sheets of paper folded in two, I added various notes which were dear to me and which were gathered over time, collages, pressed flowers, theatre or concert tickets, love letters, poems and other memories and for a while this was my dearest book. I really liked that I could add new pages anytime I wanted.
This is our first exercise of femininity. It will not help you burn calories, or look taller or to be in line with the latest fashion, :) but it will open the door to a new self-image and to a more beautiful realm than you ever dreamed of – YOUR FEMININE SOUL.
Good luck!


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