Why make an art out of femininity ?


why to make an art out of femininity?Why make an art out of femininity?
Because femininity is the most precious gift that you are given in this life. The most precious gift that you can offer first of all to yourself. Can you even imagine how much happiness can bring into your life your femininity expressed with refinement, with love and mastership? It is a secret of life discovered by practice then when you assume your role of Woman full of grace and love, quite many of the problems that you used to be confronted with, simply begin to disappear. They find their solution very easily. The appropriate things and people come into your way. Life becomes good to you and … although it seems a miracle, it is only the harmony inside you, the goodness from yourself, that finds its echo also outside. It is a universal law: by giving you shall receive; you get what you offer.

Why does our awakening as women such a great impact on life around us in general? Because femininity expressed with gentleness, freely and fully, it is really perceived as a gift: it brings smiles on the faces of the ones watching, brings desire for beauty in the hearts, brings courage, kindness, brings to the hearts of men the desire to be better.

Femininity means relaxation, means candour, beauty, consolation and a lot of love. Who doesn’t need all that?

Find yourself again and give yourself with all that you truly are, with everything that you have most beautiful in yourself. Enjoy yourself! Discover yourself and uncover the wonders of your soul, giving joy to the people. Be the hand that caresses, the word that comforts, the beauty that inspires, the brightness that awakens. Shine in the light of your beauty!

The beneficial power of the Eternal Feminine
Nowadays, in the world, more and more women are looking for “their roots” and come back to their soul, letting themselves guided by love, beauty, goodness, the beneficial power of the Eternal Feminine, that they have found again in their own being through all the beautiful qualities specific to her, with which the woman was endowed from nature. Women do not want to be men anymore, but Women in the real sense of the word.

The fact that we are looking for a model of beauty in the movies, publicity, photographs, admiring and trying often to imitate beautiful women who have become successful – hides a secret about human nature, that has been unfortunately perverted: we need beauty, we cannot live without beauty and we are looking all our life for ways of expressing beauty … even if today, many times the idea of beauty has been distorted and manipulated.

The woman is beauty. That is why all those commercials, movies, photographs are using her. Through all these models of beauty that are given, we are actually trying to remember HER, the first Beauty and many people speculate this, directing us in wrong directions for their own material benefit.

Assume your own femininity
When you assume your femininity, your uniqueness, when you express your femininity and beauty as they spring from your soul, as it is natural – alive femininity, polished with love… then those false models have no chance anymore, they simply disintegrate into a heap of ashes at your delicate and majestic feet. Because real beauty has an unstoppable echo in the hearts of people. It is what we are truly looking for all our life – beauty expressed with and through love. Beauty is inscribed in our genetic code and it reminds us who we truly are. It makes us happy.
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