The celebration of being yourself


sarbatoarea de a fi tu insati

The nowadays society is based on artificial values that dropped the links to spiritual and soul-related aspects. Many women compete with others to be "the sexiest", "the most appreciated or the most sought-after", "the most and the most...".

We rarely hear about the same competing spirit when it comes about "the most spiritual", "the most generous" or "the most loving one". Those would be all very fine, if this contest would go off as a game that would make us evolve, an incentive towards "more" and "better".

But it's all about a topsy-torvy competition and some women just feed up this destructive mentality. "To be more beautiful than her. Or if not more beautiful, at least better in what I do..." This inner conflict represents the source of great fears and stresses in many women's life. The struggle does nothing else but amplify the tension.

Accepting oneself brings happiness

We can choose - we let ourselves haunted by these fears that afflict our emotional balance - or we take enjoyment in the luminous part of our being, discovering who we are for real.

Accept yourself the way you are or as per a Romanian wise saying, "as God made you". Fulfill yourself and improve your condition as a woman in this world. Live in harmony with everything and be yourself! Your happiness depends on you, in the first place. Live life to the maximum, discover yourself and be the woman that you already are.

Wise men know that every being in the Universe is unique and non-recurring. Every being is a miracle. Discover the mystery and the fascination in this singularity. Discover the Feminine Eternality hiding within your being. When you make contact with the most alive and the most profound dimension, the sacred dimension of your soul, people around will be delighted to notice it.

Wondering exercise

Every time you walk down the street, look at the women you come across, in admiration. You will see that each of them oozes a unique beauty, that something that makes her shine and gives her uniqueness. By daily repeating this exercise for one week you will see that the fears and jealousies will fade away and you will discover the women around you to be your allies for a better life, for a better world.


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