Are you also a Superwoman ?


are you also a superwoman?Every woman deserves eulogies
There are women who are at the same time powerful and also sensitive, sustain their family and make a career, are always beautiful and well-groomed, fascinate and give love to everybody around them. They have time and force to overcome problems, have the courage to kneel down, to cry and then stand up again with a smile on their face and go forward enjoying all the challenges of life.

Amazingly, they manage to do daily more than more women taken together. These women are small-great heroines. And they are not few, it’s just that they got used to remain silent in the background and continue their mysterious feminine mission without making to much fuss about it.

The spectacular and forceful appearance (although very seldom) of Superman seems to be eclipsed by such a Superwoman who is present daily on the barricades of life. Without intending to promote some kind of  antiquated feminism, I consider that such a woman deserves eulogies and honors, deserves hymns and poems, deserve respect and love. Many times she does not have time to ask for them and she is contented only with the joy that arises from the value of her deeds.


She values life at maximum
Superwoman, although sounds pompous, this name can get us just a bit closer to the value of such a woman. Because if we are to compare her to other women who always ask everything from the others, who always have only whims, pretentions and expectations, who consider themselves too good for this world in order to really do something for themselves, this Superwoman feels good with herself and loves life so that she cherishes life enough to value it at maximum.
Many women can easily find in themselves a hidden Superwoman. Are you also one of them? Or at least do you know alt least one such special woman?

What makes a woman become a Superwoman? How does she do that? What secrets does she hide or what unknown powers does she have? From where does she have so much time to divide it between job, cooking, children, hairdresser’s, fitness and a small distraction or a favourite hobby? Where does she get her energy from in order to sustain her husband, children, close relatives and super-complex jobs? What magic does she use to maintain herself always beautiful and with a smile on her face, although so many things depend on her powers?

What do you think?
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