Exercises for our State of Femininity 2


femininity exercisesDo not believe everything that is told about women
Society tells us that women are difficult. Too emotional. Unstable. Subjective. Capricious. Are spending too much. Superficial. Sexy. Beautiful or ugly. Untrustworthy. Jealous. Envious. Possessive. Etc. You know yourself better what people say about women.

Refuse to pass on these myths. Refuse to play by others’ rules. Be a model of a wonderful woman and think in a nice manner about other women.
Talk nicely about your fellow women/ women friends/ women colleagues/ sisters anytime you have the chance. Offer them support when they need it. Help them become conscious that they detain treasures in themselves, help them realize that and manifest what they have most beautiful in them, all that they are.

Do not be afraid of the feminine power of your friends and never aim to put them in a bad light, do not deny their qualities, do not determine them to be less than they are, small and insignificant, so that you put yourself forward and shine. Listen to them and encourage them to express themselves. Do not find joy in their failures, believing that this will make you feel more self-confident in your victories.


If we do not awaken together as women, the road is much harder
Women are by their nature meant to flourish together like the flowers in a garden flourish together, although each of them has its own smell. It’s easiest for women to be inspired and pushed on towards better by other women who have managed to make goodness lighten their lives.

Women assimilate very easily all qualities that they admire at other women. They reflect their beauty one in another. They are much closer to the soul, to beauty, happiness when they know how to be together.


Exercise “Beyond clichés”
We, people, often have the tendency to judge the ones around us. For example, often when we meet another women, we instantly make an inventory, even not willingly, of what we like and what we dislike about her. We should not wonder that we usually evaluate so easily also ourselves, by cataloguing in black or white.

Although this inventory may seem spontaneous to you, it interrupts the direct connection with the other man’s soul. It creates barriers in your relationship, artificial borders and all sorts of blockages and at the same time it conditions you to receive more or less from the “gift” that that relationship with that being is meant to bring to your life.

This exercise will help you become aware of the way you have been judging women – in a negative as well as in a positive sense.

On a page from your diary or on a sheet of paper make an inventory of the believes that you have about women. Write minimum 16 such ideas, starting each sentence with the words “Women are …” and continue the sentence with the first thing that comes to your mind.
Write all that comes to you, do not think too much about it, let your hand put on paper everything that comes spontaneously from the subconscious. It doesn’t make sense to sweeten things, neither to control your thoughts now, this is an exercise meant to purify the subconscious and this can be done most easily when you let come to the light everything that you feel, in the way you feel it.

Try to keep the pencil on the sheet continuously, without pausing to think about it. It does not matter if what you write are generalities or not even whether you are sure or not if you belie what you are writing.  Just simply write the first thing that comes to your mind.

Here are a few examples:
Women are … beautiful.
Women are … young or old.
Women are … illogical.
Women are … hard to understand.
Women are … mysterious.

Now it’s your turn:
Women are …
Women are …
Women are …
Women are …
Women are …
Women are …
Women are …

Until 16 or even more.
In the end, give yourself a few minutes during which you should meditate about the fact that you are yourself a WOMAN.


Admire the beauty of every woman
I propose to you that from now on, every time you meet your women friends/ women colleagues/ sisters or any other woman, aim to discover in her a quality and give her a compliment from your heart. I’m sure that the joy and the smile that flourishes in her heart and on her face will reward you thousandfold.

Now you are a step closer to the truth, a bit freer in judgement, more opened to understanding and feeling the feminine soul.

I embrace you with admiration, wonderful woman, who thanks to your purity and goodness of your soul, you feel spontaneously attracted to overcoming the mental clichés and to amplifying your femininity!


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