You, dancing


you, dancingI know that many women believe that dance is a privilege of youth, they feel reserved, lose the confidence in their bodies, in its beauty and charm, and they do not have the courage to dance even in front of the mirror.
However, in the old traditions dance was, especially for women, a highly important activity. It is because they knew that it expresses and maintains femininity; therefore, they never gave up dancing even at very old age.


Let the energy flow freely through your body
In Arabic culture, for example, even today women of all ages gather at least once a week and dance freely as their heart wishes. They simply allow energy to flow freely through the body, guiding their movements, thus releasing their tension and stress and helping them to always be aware and in touch with their bodies, with their feminine energy.
In these meetings there are no comparisons and rules of dance, but a great joy to feel the uniqueness of each woman, and the way femininity takes as many faces as women exist. It is because each of us is unique, and everybody has something unique to express in this world, has something that belongs only to her. In order to assimilate different qualities from each other, women dance at a time, while the other "sisters" who are looking, applaud and shout words of appreciation, admiration and encouragement.
At these dancing meetings there are present small girls, young women, mothers, grandparents and great-grandparents. Every woman dances and every one offers her gift. Because such a dance in the middle of all the women of the community, this kind of "social soiree" is the place where girls learn to become feminine, learn what a woman means to be, hear true stories about life, and learn about themselves, about sensuality, the challenges and blessings of a woman’s life, body, love and even men.:)
It's basically a real initiation into femininity art that does not happen just once, but throughout their existence, and it is also a return to the source, through the communion of female souls. In this way they create a time and a place for regeneration and refreshing, because dancing, as well as admiration, heals and awakens.
All this happens very naturally - women learn not by mental concepts as men do (and that is unfortunately the way the girls and young women in Western culture are educated, which is a very sterile and cold way for female soul).
Girls and women learn through dance and communion, as it is very natural for the female nature; they learn by acting, manifesting, letting it "flow" and discovering themselves in this way. Learn by being together, empathizing and identifying with one another, listening to each other, encouraging and admiring each other - creating a unison, a nourishing, generating and protecting "ground", because it is the easiest and the specific way to learn for women.
Do you still think that dance is something of the past, because you feel uncomfortable due to the social status, age or who knows what else?

Express your femininity through dance
I feel it is even nicer to see an older woman dancing with joy on a holiday or in the silence of her house, then a very young and beautiful ballerina executing perfectly the Dance of Swan on a stage of a famous Opera House. Why? Well, maybe the young dancer expresses strength, determination, flexibility and moves perfectly and precisely her agile body, but she still has little life experience to express herself through dance - the ups and downs, peaks and depths enrich the life passage of a woman soul.


Choose soul in exchange for techniques, because the most beautiful traits leave the important marks in the soul.
If you are one of those women who always thought having two left feet :), or if you're still afraid to dance even for yourself, for the joy of living, please: do not allow negative thoughts to rob you freedom of dance happy in your own style, unique and unrepeatable. Dancing is the most active embodiment of freedom, the freedom of being YOURSELF, as you are.


I invite you to dance. Start with "Yes"!
With the open heart, dance for yourself, for life, for the miracle of existence. Dance as you feel without fear or shame, without considering yourself clumpy. Feel the music. I recommend you to use in background the music that moves you the most. There is a point in the words "it is moving". The thing that moves your soul moves your body too. Just like in love.
You, dancing to discover yourself as you may not know yourself yet, free, spontaneous, unique.


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