Archetypes are the keys to your soul ( I)

archetypesArchetype influences everything you do
Over time the admirers of eternal feminine have crystallized different ideals. Some have worshiped the mother’s type with generous breasts, full of vitality, tenderness, spirit of sacrifice and stability. Others have preferred the volcanic woman type with strong features, bold chest and fiery temperament.

In the second half of the twentieth century the ethereal woman with a frail and slim physique and delicate breasts started to prevail.

No matter which category you fit, accept your body structure that is stated in your genetic code. This hidden influence, which we receive from birth, was called in psychology "archetype". Certainly, it does not refer only to the body, but much more than that.

Archetype influences everything you do and all you are. By recognizing the subtleties of your specific female archetype you can understand the way you think and see life or interact with men.
archetypesDiscover the kind of beauty that is appropriate to you
Some women dream about harmony or forms that are not proper to them, despising and ignoring what makes them unique. It is wise to accept what you have and change that is really necessary using only natural methods.

Every woman has an innate constitutional type that can not be changed by hammer blows of aberrant diets or different surgeries.

Be aware of the archetype that structures you. You will better understand the changes that occur in your being. Then you will act more effectively to harmonize the whole being at all the levels (physical, psychological, mental and spiritual), using effective and perfectly natural methods (food, massage, yoga, hydrotherapy, etc).
Explore more deeply and discover what brings you in harmony with yourself and everything around you. Be what you are, seek your own point of balance, your own form that inspires harmony, beauty, femininity. You have big breasts? Very good, men will love it!
Do you get more pounds than ideal fashionable women? It's even better! It means you have enough energy to successfully fulfill your daily responsibilities. And yet it is too much? Do you feel uncomfortable? Your waist cannot be seen? Now it is time to do something.
Act calmly; take the chance to recover the harmony and balance. Have full confidence in the positive force of your mind. It is enough to strongly believe something and your wish will come thought. Cut fat food or extra food. Keep to diets, but only those that ensure you a state of optimism and vitality.
In any decision you take to transform and enhance your femininity, seek to follow the archetypal pattern that represents you. Like this and nothing more. As a result the harmony and happiness will come again into your life forever.


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