Archetypes are the keys to your soul ( II )

archetypes of your soulWhat are archetypes?
Archetypes are energetic imprints that exist in our psyche from birth. They act as an organizing principle of everything we see or experience from childhood. Moreover, we can fit here the hereditary aspects, life experiences as well as the interpretations we make about our life events.

It can be compared with instinctual elements that Freud speaks about. But the archetype imprints our psyche more deeply, marks the life step by step and it is not as easy recognizable as are the instincts. From birth we are imbued with certain energies which structure our whole being.

We can talk about the zodiacal constellations impregnations that are specific to our moment of birth. We are born at a unique moment while at a cosmic level a certain astral energy is displayed. This start marks the whole course of our life, our way of thinking, of being, of interacting with others.

For example, a woman born in the Pisces sign will benefit from specific archetypal influences that give her a great sensual nature, compassion, elevated love and tendency to mysticism. Knowing the structure of the basic archetypal the woman is able to amplify these qualities and successfully use them consciously.

Information about the zodiac archetypes can be found very easily. They are the most common. They provide accessible knowledge about our own “I” and the clear direction to development.


Where do the archetypes come from?
The archetypes concept was formulated for the first time by Carl Gustav Jung. He found that people have a "preconscious psychic disposition that makes a man react in a certain way."

Questioning this aspect more deeply, he concluded that these potentials are updated, brought to the surface when they accede to the consciousness as images. Archetypal information may emerge into conscious in myriad forms. More specifically, at the subconscious level there are a few basic archetypes, but there are an infinite variety of specific images, which lead to these few archetypal patterns.

Since these potentials are not under our conscious control, we tend to deny their existence by so-called repression. This creates "shadows" of archetypal images, in other words, self- denial, repression of our archetypal soul trends.

It is important to identify our soul archetypal impregnations, but it is equally important to discover aspects of their shadow, those unconscious repressions, which take place in our psyche in difficult moments and which block the natural flow of energy into being. Once identified, we can start withdrawing them in order to restore the harmony of our soul.

Jung sought to link the archetypes to heredity and to see them as instinctual elements. We are born with patterns that structure our imagination and make us unique human beings. Jung was convinced that archetypes are closely related and even influence our bodies (their shape and health) as well as they influence our mind and way of integrating life. In other words, archetypes are elemental forces which play a vital role in the creation of the surrounding world, the soul and the human mind.


archetypes of your soulHow do archetypes operate
The outbreaks of subtle psychic energy generated through time at the collective level determine instinctive behavior patterns or primary trends that Jung called archetypes. They also represent the dynamic and organizing structures of psychic energy that exists in the collective unconscious and at the conscious level they are mainly expressed in symbols form.

Therefore, dreams and myths are expressions of archetypal images. We dream every night. And our dreams say a lot if we listen to them, because they are like the voice of our soul. As a result, we can say that archetypes are the prototype of symbolic assemblies that are so deeply engraved in the unconsciousness, so that they constitute a kind of fundamental structure of our soul.

Jung found the archetypal patterns and images in every culture, as well as in every period of human history. They act according to the same universal laws in all cases. To motivate this continuity, he spoke of the collective Unconscious. He showed that we all share a subconscious universe that we connect every moment, as all the trees derive their life sap from a single ground.

Archetypes are universal patterns that always influence our behavior. Their roles are implied and we assume them without being aware of it, so to say "they are assumed to us." Mother, daughter, artist, heroine, fascinator, initiator, are some of the universal archetypal patterns.

Identifying our own archetype, our individual role in Universe, we can get an idea about what impacts or determines our destiny. We are able to make a clear idea of what we can become, about the ideal image of what we are. We can understand some of our tendencies and how to transform them. Archetypes can show us the duties we have to fulfill in life, "sacred contracts" or spiritual mission we have to accomplish here and now.

Archetypes give us directions and lessons to learn in life, because they influence the challenges we face every day. They teach how to be a good mother, not a careless or indifferent one; a talented artist or a successful woman in all respects. They can help to maximally amplify all energy within your being and to be a truly complete woman.

Knowing the active archetypes in your soul, you can bring to light all that is best in you. You know yourself better, become better, more beautiful, and closer to your ideal female archetype.


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