Do you wander … who you are ?


do you wander...who you are?Do you really see yourself?
We often attribute to ourselves tormenting defects and we make faces when we look at ourselves in the mirror.
And yet, I have noticed by watching women mirroring themselves, that very seldom do they truly see themselves.
It seems that the image from the mirror is perceived through the filter of many prejudices concerning woman’s body, an image that is deformed by the many imposed beauty standards that have been promoted during the ages. Most often, we are the most tough critics of our own beings.

This hunting the defects in the mirror, often imaginary defects, cuts us off from reality and from ourselves. It inhibits us, makes us lack self-trust in our power to fascinate and makes us even forget that we are women.

Instead of stepping with trust through life, floating seductively, giving smiles and charm, always in love with the beauty in us, we shrug shoulders, bend our back, hide under too much make-up or on the contrary we give up completely on highlighting our feminine traits with coquetry. 

Too often women end up spending life between job and kitchen, too soon do they lose the desire and joy to dance. Too many young women exaggerate out of the desire to be sexy and too many mature women forget the joy to emanate sensuality, to be not only wives, housekeepers and mothers , but also goddesses, dancers, fascinating women for the beloved man. Too many women deny pleasure, too many deny themselves … Too few women make love.


Discover yourself as you are
Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at you. Where are you coming from? Why do you exist? What is unique and unrepeatable in you? What can you give? What are you here for? How are you actually like? What have you been created for? Certainly not for casting doubt on yourself. Neither for criticizing the others or yourself. Nor for accepting all sorts of bad opinions invented by not so enlightened minds.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at yourself as if your soul mate would be looking at you, look at yourself with the eyes of the one who loves you. Let your body tell you how you can give love in your turn through your body, through everything that you are. Leave your doubts aside. Forget the worries, start to live! Leave every thought behind, look at yourself with eyes full of love. Imagine yourself dancing in front of your lover. Imagine that you are adored with flowers. Imagine yourself embellished with pearls and thousands of precious stones. Imagine, at least for a few moments, that YOU ARE THE MOST ATTRACTIVE, LOVING AND FASCINATING WOMAN ON EARTH !

Imagine that your heart is a vast space, where all people whom you love are flooded with love. Explode with love! Then look at yourself again, from this perspective, fascinating and wonderful, as YOU TRULY ARE.


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