Exercises for our State of Femininity 3


exercises for our state of femininitySpecial exercise for your soul
Today is a special day, with a special femininity exercise. I propose you to write a letter in which you express your gratitude for being alive, for everything that is good, very good or less good in your life now. (We should be aware that even the less pleasant aspects of our life are also gifts for us, they are lessons that can help us to be kinder, more powerful and in the end happier). So, we are talking about a letter of gratitude to our Creator, Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, spiritual Center, Life itself or however you name him/her.
Such “conversations with God” have had many effects on my life, as various as they were, so wonderful and stable as well. I shall not say more and I do not insist that you should do this exercise, but if your soul has ever experienced that calling towards something ineffable, that is guiding our life, you will most certainly feel that impulse to let your heart speak and express your gratitude. Life is a wonderful gift.


My letter of love and gratitude
I feel Your touch, so gentle, your understanding, acceptance, embrace.
I feel You … and … even when it hurts … I feel my soul quivering, alive.
Thank You for being here, in my moments of deep loneliness.
I savour these moments spent only with You – You are the One who always waits for me,
You are the One who never leaves, the One with whom I can speak about anything, the One who understands everything … You are the One who always helps me, no matter how badly I have mixed things up and the One who always finds a solution.

Here, with You, it is quiet. Some people name it prayer … I feel it like a silent retrieval … like a simple and all-embracing Peace … breath and silence … a halt from the rush of life … the comeback Home, in myself.

Thank You God. You have been, are and you will be my best friend, my most patient and intimate listener. The One who talks to me with love. You never come with smart answers just to snap Your fingers at me, neither do You take pity on me, nor do You scold me more than I can endure.

You never reject me, neither when I am uncombed, nor when I’m crying or shouting, not even when I want to fight You or run away from You. I have never met somebody with so much understanding and goodwill as You. I don’t know where from do You have so much love and humour, I don’t know where from do You have always gifts.

When a door is slammed in my face and I kick my feet angry in front of closed gates, You laugh at me, but You always open new doors for me. And I always realize that it is better. I know You forgive me also for the doors that I do not notice and I am passing by in a hurry.

I know that when I place my head in your hands, all the doors are open. I feel how You hold me in Your arms even when I am sleeping.

Thank You for the Silence. Thank You God for everything.
Thank You.


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