Woman’s dignity


woman`s dignityDignity!
The sound of this word makes me straighten my back and see things clearly. It is a word that brings me a wave of coolness and silence. I want to talk to you about dignity because I believe this quality is very important for all women! Unfortunately some of us have forgotten how it feels like being a dignified woman. But we can learn again this thing.

A history as long as the one of human kind, the history of woman’s dignity has known epochs of evolution, transformations, forgetfulness and remembrance. We have forgotten that our purpose is the spiritual evolution and we strive to “adapt ourselves” to a generally accepted model. We have forgotten which are the true values and who are the models worthy of being followed. Many times we prefer to lie ourselves rather than going forward looking at the sky. But, sometimes, thanks to a miraculous glimpse, we remember which is our essence, that unique essence that makes us true and radiant WOMEN.


Dignity and couple relationships
A dignified woman does not need to point out her sexuality in an ostentatious manner, because if she wants, she can conquer a man in a dignified, beautiful and elegant way. She knows instinctively to make use of her charm and femininity that she has got as a gift from the Divine Creator.

A dignified woman is a queen and her attitude never attracts men who are interested only in fugitive relationships. And if some women will hurry to think: “But today you never meet real men any more!” , I must contradict them. We always complain about the men: that they do not assume responsibilities, that they are egoistic, that they are not romantic, that they are not gentlemen anymore and many other things. But how could they be gentlemen if we, women, are not ladies, princesses and queens?

A dignified woman never indulges herself in a relationship in which there is violence, no matter how subtle it is manifested. A dignified woman is aware of her level and she will never lay her feminine virtues on the bed of a sterile relationship.


Dignity and vitality
A dignified woman is necessarily powerful and always feels safe. She does not accept filiform models, underfed women who are so much promoted in the media nowadays. On the contrary, she accepts the naturalness of her body and maintains its harmony (meaning neither overweight, nor thin). She is aware of the importance of vitality, because this gives her a great inner power and the capacity to realize what she aims at with great efficiency.


Dignity and beauty
Beauty becomes another kind of beauty when it is accompanied by dignity. It becomes an elevated and refined beauty. Dignity makes possible the manifestation of beauty at the highest levels. Where there is beauty and dignity, there is no place for vulgarity.

Dignity makes a woman dress herself always with much care, good taste and refinement. Her choices are among the most original, underline her mysterious roundness and her inborn feminine magnetism. Her movements are light and delicate. She speaks slowly and clearly.


Dignity in the social sphere
A dignified woman proves perfect common sense. Gossip is alien to her, she does not need it to become more important in the eyes of the others, she does not need tricks to manifest her wishes. She is open, franc, but elegant, attentive and diplomatic.

A dignified woman, neither at work, nor in other circumstances, does not choose flattery or small stupid advances in order to win the other’s appreciation. The way she is perceived by the others does not preoccupy her, because she knows her value.  

When I have asked an old lady, with a great age and a very rich experience of life, what she thinks about the dignity of the contemporary woman, she told me that present-day women have lost or maybe have forgotten the old values. We have forgotten which are the true values and who are the models worthy of being followed. You should read as often as possible the biography of a distinguished lady whom you appreciate a lot and you would like to identify yourselves with.
So, how is a dignified woman?
With a magic brush I shall paint on the portrait of each of us the qualities of a perfect and dignified woman. I raise my brush, I close my eyes ... a dignified woman is a vital woman, who loves life and life is generous to her. One more srtoke... a dignified woman shapes with a lot of talent and creativity elements that seem usual in order to give them a new, original form. I take a bit more colour... a dignified woman has an unlimited will and the power to overcome any obstacle. Easely I paint... a dignified woman loves with self-giving, because she knows that giving yourself unconditionally is elevating. My brush becomes light and warm... a dignified woman has a special intuition and feels how she should approach any situation. One more essential outline... a dignified woman is endowed with discernment and mental clarity. I breathe deeply, I retain in my soul this portrait and I integrate in my being these qualities.

And instead of conclusion... a dignified woman is the place of intersection between a powerful will, an infinite unconditional love and a cristal discernment. Remember! You are also like this!


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