Enjoy the beauty of your femininity


enjoy the beauty of your femininityWhat is femininity?
Femininity is a state appropriate to every woman and manifested in different shades and intensity. Some women are more aware of their femininity, others are not. The more we are aware of our femininity, the easier it is noticed by others.

I asked many people (both women and men) about what femininity means for them. Here's what they said:
- "The THING that a woman emits"
- "That spark that every woman has"
- "Naturalness, elegance, charm ..."
- "Naturalness and personal tenderness of each woman"
- "A feature attributed to the identity of a woman, whose components are obedience, gentleness, patience, kindness, sensitivity, openness to other, etc."
- "Something to do with the mystery that a woman may create around her using inspiration and seduction"
- "The sum of all feminine qualities that are awakened in a woman. The more qualities are awakened in her and the more she trusts herself, the more feminine she is."
- "Style, elegance"
- "Mystery"
- "Continuous surprise"
- "Something charming and sensual"
- "Something that takes your breath"
- "Something magical and fascinating that inspired many artists over time"
- "Something you have always new to discover"
- "Something that looks like electricity: you cannot see but you always feel the effects"
- "Gentleness, tenderness"
- "Spontaneity, naturalness, delicacy and a charming smile"
The explanatory dictionary of the English language defines the femininity as all the features that are specific to female character. We can discover femininity by the qualities that it is made of, that numerous feminine virtues, which when awakened in a large number within a woman, offer her a special charm.


Excursion into the complex and magnificent world of femininity
Often when we ask somebody how a very feminine woman looks like, a list of specific qualities that suggest femininity is offered. The set of all her feminine traits and qualities is her femininity. Every woman has awakened in her being several wonderful qualities that give her a lot of charm and beauty. Some of us are more romantic, others more playful, others more courageous, more curious, more sensual, more passionate, more sympathetic, more maternal, more voluptuous...

Many women are unhappy with themselves and while looking at other women they say how much they want to be like them. And this is happening primarily for the reason that they are not aware of the qualities they have already, because they are not enjoying their own femininity.
It is very important to be aware that each of us has a specific charm and that each of us if she wants to be more than she is right now and to amplify femininity, CAN do it.


If you were to take a trip into the world of femininity, what would you discover?
We would find a lot of qualities, all fascinating and charming in its own way: naturalness, the power of love, dedication, mystery, sensuality, playfulness, purity, delicacy, compassion, sensitivity, passion, voluptuousness, wisdom, intuition, fascination, power to forgive, curiosity, sense of adventure, desire for knowledge, sense of humor, optimism, beauty, innocence, intensity, ability to appreciate beauty, ability to listen to others' needs and to help, tenderness, gentleness, patience, creativity, spontaneity, inner strength (often mysterious and overwhelming) power of sacrifice, intelligence, tenderness, romance and others.


Enjoy your femininity!
If you have not recognized by now what a wonderful woman you are, you can do it now, it is enough to look closely at yourself. You can ask also your beloved ones to help you. Make a list of your qualities and ask some of your close beings who are honest with you to tell what they appreciate at you. It may surprise you to find out that others see you as a beautiful woman and full of qualities. Look at this exercise as a journey into the world of your femininity and enjoy your beauty.


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