5 Golden Rules of friendship between women

5 golden rules of friedship between womenWhat miracle to have a true woman girlfriend! Before which to put your soul on a plate and not be afraid that she makes it a "stew". Where you find her?

1. Listen to her as much as you like to be listened to
Nothing compares to this. With my best friend I can speak freely without censorship and without being afraid she will not be able to withstand the flood of words...

How do I know? Because I do not get tired to listen to her, no matter how long it would take.

As is known, the number of words that a woman needs to say one day is overwhelmingly greater than that which pleases a man. Great loss not to have a girlfriend to confess to!

Plus there are scientific studies that show that for women, talking to the best friend releases in the body Oxytocin, the same hormone that triggers when a woman breastfeeding her baby. Along with a good feeling hard to describe of inner well, of unfailing protection, of fulfillment and of being loved.


2. Be Trustworthy
We all have our little secrets, however, we need to tell them to someone. May it always remain the best friend. Never divulge her secrets as you would not like to be disclosed yours.

I know there are studies that say that a woman cannot keep a secret for more than 35 minutes ... Fortunately, among those who women choose to confide there’s always a top place: best friend.

The reason we're hard to keep secrets seems to be - also according to studies - that the mental pressure affects our perception of reality and makes us believe also that the lightest activities become too heavy. In conclusion, we really need someone to share them.


3. Do not judge her
You know everything about her. Can you resist the temptation to judge her? What do you do when you disagree with her choices? Here I think stays the difference between true friendship and a superficial one.

Friendship is like love. You cannot become friend with a woman in command, even if it's much easier to communicate with her than with any man. A true friend you "recognize". It's like retrieval when you meet her.

That's why, inexplicably, to whatever she does you have an unconditional understanding. She can be completely different than you. She can have elections you do not agree and you can tell her this in her face, with no problem and - go figure! - without this affecting the friendship between you.


5 Golden Rules of friendship between women4. Do not steal her lover
I know it sounds petty. People have the right to be free, you cannot possess a man and when you hold him by force you have already lost him.

Statistics show that over 60 % of men dream to make love with the best friend of his girlfriend. In the best case, all three - but not necessarily...

Therefore, the probability the lover of your girlfriend to want you is very high. The temptation to flirt is as. There are also women who like the idea to share her boyfriend - although many more are those that do not want to hear about it.

No matter what category you are, would be preferable to trust your girlfriend. Let’s say the love of your life fell in love with her and he does not even see you anymore. It's somehow better if you hear this from her. At least you feel just abandoned and not betrayed.


5. Respect her values and respect her!
It says "birds of a feather flock together". Most likely, that holds you together is the fact that in your depths, you believe in the same things - even though outwardly you can manifest differently.

For example, if she wants to be the mother of the family, and you are like "from flower to flower" - or vice versa - you can be very close, because beyond all and all, both believe in sincere love without measure.

I can’t deny that there may be a deep friendship between two women who share different values – but necessarily authentic values. When your friend proves courage – let us say - you fill a sense of respect and respect is contagious.

source: http://puteredefemeie.ro


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