How to have permanent access to your own femininity

cum sa ai permanent acces la propria feminitateAre you conscious of your femininity?
How many women ask themselves this question at least once in their lifetime and are really preoccupied to discover their own femininity in all its beauty and complexity? And how many of them can answer: 'Yes, I am conscious'?
Any woman wishes to be happy and to feel comfortable with herself. What makes us feel really well with ourselves is loving ourselves and being aware of what we really are. Many women under-estimate and criticize themselves and in this way they block the access to their real beauty. Actually, in each of us there exists the Perfect Woman awaiting to be awakened and brought forward. This Perfect Woman from our souls is just like Sleeping Beauty, waiting for her Prince Charming to save and bring her to life. This is what happens in real life, too: the woman, unaware of her exceptional value, waits for a man to appear in her life to help her discover herself. Instead of waiting passively for Prince Savior, it would be much better for each of us to wake up becoming conscious of our own femininity. This way we can live together with the Princes in our lives as free and fulfilled women, capable of giving and receiving love, capable of enjoying life and our own femininity to the maximum and at the same time, more capable to appreciate the beauty of the masculine.
I invite you on a journey of discovering how to have permanent access to your own femininity.


Discover yourself! You are already gifted with a charming femininity!
The first step in this adventure of self-discovery is to believe you are gifted with a charming femininity and to have the curiosity to discover it. See yourself as a Queen of Life and allow yourself to manifest in all your splendor and greatness. Walk full of confidence!
You are definitely aware at least of some of your qualities. Enjoy them to the fullest! Be certain you can always manifest them.
Love yourself and enjoy who you are right now. Enjoy your femininity. Perhaps you are not a super model, but there is definitely something unique, beautiful, characteristic for your femininity that is worthy of your appreciation. Do not compare yourself to other women. Each woman has her own beauty. It is important to discover your own. Admire what others have beautiful but also admire what you have.
Moreover, feel confident that you can develop other qualities and aptitudes than those you already have. They exist in your soul waiting to be discovered, they are part of your inner femininity. One of the methods of doing this is to admire the quality you wish to awaken in yourself in another woman that already manifests it fully and beautifully. Then you have to strongly believe that you can also manifest that quality. Imagine that you already are how you wish to be. Strong faith and creative imagination will activate that quality in yourself. This way you can have a growingly complex and charming femininity.
Admire everything that is beautiful around you. Let beauty impregnate your femininity. When you contemplate an inspired art piece, when you listen to a very nice song or when you walk in the nature, let beauty permeate your being. This beauty that you relish will awaken your femininity more and more.
Make time for yourself. It is important, at least from time to time, to have quiet moments to be with yourself and listen to your soul. Listen to your aspirations, your needs, your joys.
Take care of yourself! Remember, you are a Queen! You are a Queen that takes care of herself, that respects herself, gives herself attention without neglecting the others, a queen that enjoys her femininity to the fullest.


Reveal your femininity!
Your femininity with all its charm and beauty is not something to keep hidden fearing that somebody might notice it. Bring yourself forward without becoming arrogant. Let your beauty show. Express all the facets of your femininity as much as possible and in the best possible ways. With each occasion you manifest a certain facet of your femininity, you become more conscious of it.
Take care to reveal your femininity every day. If you do not take care of yourself and your femininity, who do you think can do it for you?

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